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London (UK) Anarchist Bookfair, Oct 22 2011

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Caps, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Caps

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    Nov 3, 2010
    I know there are not a lot of London based folk here but I thought I would put it up anyway. The reason it's in general discussion is because I haven't been on here for a while (I apologise) and will just do some general stuff too.

    Anyway, I missed the bookfair last year because I was in hospital. However, I am raring to go. I'm looking forward to seeing the peeps from No Sweat as I did some stuff with them a few years back and then lost my phone with all my contacts. Also, hoping to find a group to get involved in. WAG (Whitechapel Anarchist Group) have stopped and appear to have become ALARM (All London Anarchist Revolutionary Mob) and I might see if they're actually up to anything, their website is pretty quiet. Not sure who's talking or what (I'll decide which meetings and talks to go to on the day) but I'm sure it'll be a fine old time. Anyone else interested?

    Besides that I am six months post stem cell transplant and considered to be successfully in remission!! \m/ \m/ !! etc. Started running again and did my first half-marathon last weekend. I'm also back at work, doing some teaching part-time. It's all grand except the school's got a new headteacher. She's a serious Catholic and, a little more disconcertingly, I think she might be a serious bigot. Since returning to work, after a year away, I have noticed the senior management is a lot more white, a lot more straight and a lot more Christian. The gays and Asians have been moved on, through one method or another. Fortunately, my dealings with her will probably be minimal and as long as she doesn't find out about my open atheist beliefs, it should be possible to get back to work with all the lovely people in my department. Considering my disability (as my current situation is legally described), I can't really get me a new job at the moment and this is not the time to become unemployed...

    Not much other news. Went up to Birmingham yesterday, they have a 'Home of Heavy Metal' exhibition on until next weekend and I had to have a look. I admit I am a massive Sabbath and Priest fan, for my sins, and got my fill of metal with a load of excellent memorabilia, anecdotes and all sorts. What's more there was a huge section on Napalm Death, a real contender for my favourite band, including original early tapes and flyers. A letter from Steve Ignorant to Nik Bullen about the release of the Bullshit Detector with a Napalm track. Also, a load of old Class War papers and a message from mixed-bag Ian Bone. What's more, a little bit on Doom, Sacrilege and Cerebral Fix to boot. An excellent day. All this followed by a train journey home where a lot of old-school socialists were coming back from a major union meeting. Don't often see a load of SWP members having a natter on the train, made it bloody impossible to read me book! Anyway, they were talking about all manner of things and go chatting about musicians, political messages in art and a lack of political activity. Individuals like Dylan or Cohen who have often made social commentary without being particularly socially active. At this point, (I'd had a few beers) I decided I was going to say my piece. Nice people but then a friendly beer and chat on a train is massively different to real political cooperation and I know enough about how the SWP has operated to not get too close. Still, an excellent day.

    Oh and another conversation they had: dwarf throwing. What's up with 'your country', Butcher? o_O


    (Sorry, if that's considered in bad taste).

    Besides that, any news from anyone else?

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    Sep 8, 2009
    Queensland = [​IMG]

    Actually, make that pretty much anywhere outside Melbourne... :/ )