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Light Bearer - Lapsus - 2011 (UK)

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by punkmar77, Feb 17, 2012.

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    Track List:

    1. Beyond The Infinite
    2. Primum Movens
    3. Armoury Choir
    4. The Metatron
    5. Prelapsus
    6. Lapsus


    Release Date : 2011

    "Lapsus" is act one of four planned parts, continued in "Silver Tongue", "Magisterium" and "Lattermost Sword".Black Vinyl limited to 1200 copies. Comes in a Gatefold Cover and innersleeves which are printed with the artwork by bandvocalist Alex.

    Light Bearer Biography

    DIY Progressive Metal band formed in 2010 in London. Split up in June 2015
    Band ex-members: Alex Bradshaw, Lee Husher, Jamie Starke, Matthew Bunkell, Joseph Towns, Gerfried Ambrosch

    Formed in 2010 in London, United Kingdom, Light Bearer is an all encompassing DIY art, music and narrative project, based around a story written by their vocalist, who drew influence from the writings of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, John Milton's Paradise Lost, and the Book of Genesis. Despite the subject matter, their lyrical content is aggressively anti theist, pro feminist and anti speciesist. It is an allegorical tale which directly deconstructs and derails monotheistic mythology, attacking religious ideology which has created oppressive cultural norms around gender, sexuality, race, species and progressive thought.

    The band play a mixture of melodic post-hardcore, progressive metal, post-rock and ambient atmospheric drone. The songs are structured specifically to follow the narrative and therefore peak and trough in equal measure, mixing screamed desperate vocals with sung passages.

    The story is split into four main parts, collectively known as the "Æsahættr Tetralogy", the first is Lapsus, and subsequently Silvertongue, Magisterium and finally Lattermost Sword. The narrative begins with the casting out of the protagonist Lucifer, an angel so loyal and in love with god that he could not submit when asked to bow before humanity, personified as Adam. For this act he is banished from heaven. Here he questions the Allfather - an entity who claimed the universe as his own. In doing so he realises his master has lied, and vows to reach out from his desolation and become his namesake, amongst the other fallen angels - to pass on the torch of free will to all life in the multiple universes.

    The story continues in Silver Tongue, Magisterium and Lattermost Sword in which the torch is borne by the metaphorical Eve - the mitochondrial ancestor of humanity, her rejection of the will of the false god and the attempted rebellion against Heaven, her role and the role of the prophesied second Eve. The establishment of the church and the eventual culmination and war against the patriarchal god.

    Alongside the four releases are planned EPs and split records, beginning with Beyond the Infinite, The Assembly of God - an elaboration of the introduction to the first album. A second narrative runs through records not included in the four main parts, these chronicle the uprising of those opposed to the false god, recorded in the "Celestium Apocrypha". Those privy to the truth, of the natural formation of the universe and the roles assumed by the characters in the story are charged with forwarding the original word of Lucifer, they are in turn, light bearers. This begins with the "Book of Watchers", and continues in the "Future lot of the righteous and the wicked".

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Alerta Antifascista

    Alerta Antifascista Records is a label, distribution, mailorder, and booking agency for loud and heavy music based in Hannover, Germany.
    The label offers many sub-genres of punk, hardcore and metal and adopts an anti-fascism attitude.
    Formerly knowned as l80105.