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lets share shit topic

Discussion in 'D.I.Y. - Creative section' started by JYN, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. JYN

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    Dec 23, 2013
     United States
    new to the site. how's are yall's? I'd like share shit. post your own poetry or writings or whtever too.

    i've never really shared anything of my own before, . its a poem follow up to a short story i did a year

    ago. - share topic - anyways, itts what i've written lately. il post something else later on------


    ~A Human Catatonic Cataclysm II~

    / There is one path, individualized as a perception of one mass/ A plastic vice, charged to the name of Jesus Christ; fish puke & lice/ A slave of its own savior, an unwilling dog's balls are placed under the knife/ An imposed set of sensitivities guided by the light of liberty, as Love & Equality are nailed to a cross, relinquished unto corpus christi/

    / Thought robber. Whore fucker. Hate monger. Puppet master. Virgin rapist. System etiquette. Fearless leader. Abandoned child. /

    / The consuming fire, a numbered card of plastic inspires an insatiable worldly desire/ House & Home & Health & Wealth - a shotgun/ Of man & wife we must expect life/ Our family condition, the moral foundation/ The birth of a child - the women's expectation, a man's social recognition/ Shackeled to identity,Vanity promises an Unholy vitality, born of illusory quantities of agreed upon currencies/

    / Will you sell me your reality?/

    / A blur of moral lining, fading to trash/
    / Haste makes waste/
    /The modern, urban apathies of today give way unto tomorrows trangressions, obligations/ Indignation, a fool's pollution, a women's suffocation/ / FUCK FACE / Why are you thinking?/ What is it you live for?/ What is above you?/ Who is in control?/

    / Stop pretending to know/

    / Garbage is a problem because you cannot avoid creating trash/
    // Infinitism; recycled ideals.... /