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indonesian Krunch - Mys & Kel 12" - 1985 (Sweden)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Spike one of many, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Track List:

    01. Begränsad
    02. Sänkt
    03. Gråt...
    04. Passiv
    05. Jag Är Inte
    06. Svett
    07. Hospital
    08. Panik
    09. Relation
    10. Dum
    11. Slask
    12. Plantage
    13. Free Fuck


    Being a totally unique band and ahead of its time Krunch never really made it at home in Sweden, maybe because they never used all the punk-clichés. But they had a large audience in Europe and Germany, which they also toured twice. Krunch approach to punk was breathtaking speed, neckbreaking turns, a very special humour and surrealistic lyrics that made them one of the true pioneers of the second wave of punk that arrived to Sweden in early 80-ies influenced by bands like Discharge and MDC.

    Here's a translation from portuguese from CRUCIFIED FOR YOUR SINS blog:
    KRUNCH in addition to their direct influences of bands such as Discharge, Upright Citizens, BGK, MDC, Headcleaners or rat, substances thrash that came by D.R.I. or Verbal Abuse, with battery more marked and guitar arrangements.
    And mind you, I remind you that thrash was born from the strong influence of hardcore punk (and heavy metal, which was the passive part of the mating), and should not be forgotten that until 81-82, thrash was in cocolandia (and don't tell me that Judas Priest of Tyrant is thrash, that is a great song with good lyrics and music(, but is simply heavy) and it was not until the Black Metal LP (November 1982) of Venom that starts to sound metal scourge.
    When speaking of within the hardcore thrash should be conciderar that is no more than by similarity with some musical elements such as battery more pronounced or some guitar arrangements. What is different from talk about crossover. I say this not to confuse.
    Returning to the band, I read once you never felt at ease in his homeland (Sweden), with many bands for them inconsequential and a scene loaded with individuals alcoholics and junkies. That's why that very often they ventured outside his country to play for Holland or Germany mainly.
    Their sound fit very well in Europe, and came at a time of full explosion of European hardcore with ochenteras influences of the United States, which created many adherents.
    Dejo Les MYS & KEL extruded by MASSPRODUKTION disc records (the name says it all; seal of former members of mass, which would become HEADCLEANERS and pass edited several of his works. Seal accompanied Krunch throughout his career from 82 to 89 more less) as LP in 1985. Despite everything becomes short. It is a very cool hardcore punk which includes speed, good sharp riffs and vocals to good tone.
    I can not say that I recommend. Even though everything I upload and is available on this blog recommend it, this leads as 1 month in my "punk rotation".

    Krunch Biography

    There are two artists named Krunch:

    1) Krunch is a legendary hardcore punk band from Timrå, Sweden. Krunch's approach to punk was breathtaking speed, neck-breaking turns, a very special humor, and surrealistic lyrics that made them one of the true pioneers of the second wave of punk that arrived to Sweden in early 80's influenced by bands like Discharge and MDC.

    "Krunch is an all out, guns blasting panzer attack of a metal mutha played by inhuman hands. Second best single in the stack" -NME, UK.

    2) Krunch is Ze'ev Diukman and Omer Kadosh (Rizo), a trance duo from Israel.
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.




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