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Keny Arkana - MIXTAPE VOL.1 - 2005 (france)

Discussion in 'Non-punk anarchist music' started by ungovernable, Jun 7, 2010.

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    01 le missile est lance
    02 vener voir
    03 le temps passe et s ecoule
    04 ca nous correspond pas
    05 le rap a perdu ses esprits
    06 faut qu on s en sorte
    07 style libre
    08 j ai besoin d air
    09 tout le monde debout
    10 jeunesse de l occident
    11 la main sur le coeur
    12 dur d etre optimiste
    13 j leve ma rime
    14 de l'opera a la plaine
    15 outro
    16 medley


    L'Esquisse (Mix-Tape Vol.1)
    Release Date : 2005

    ℗ & © 2005 La Callita.1st press

    Keny Arkana Biography

    Rap artist of argentinian origins born in 1982 in Marseille, France. Keny's music is highly influenced by her political and social interests.


    Keny Arkana is a French rap artist. She is active in the alter-globalization movement with "La Rage Du Peuple," a collective (cf. English "clan" or "crew") formed in 2004 in the Noailles quarter of Marseille, and takes a clear stance against capitalism and fascism. She sympathizes with the Zapatistas in Chiapas.

    Born in Marseille of Argentine heritage, Arkana began rapping in 1996. She formed the collectives Mars Patrie and later Etat-Major, gaining performance experience in the Marseilles underground scene, culminating in the 2003 release of Etat Major's first mixtape.

    After several solo appearances on various projects, Arkana released her first EP "Le Missile est Lancé". Her first album "Entre ciment et Belle Etoile" was released in October 2006. Her first single, "La Rage," released in 2006, pointedly references the French civil unrest of 2005.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - La Callita

    French label founded in 2004 by a6118942.

    Label-Code is 13950; printed only on releases manufactured/licensed by Warner.