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French Karysun - Until The End - 2011 (France)

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    Track List:

    01. Cops Pigs Murderers
    02. Voice Of The Voiceless
    03. New Gof, New Truth
    04. Ignore Tomorrow
    05. Failure Industry
    06. Carved For Consumption
    07. Fight Darkness
    08. Threatened Species

    ...Stoner-Sludge sounding but with Anarcho-Punk heart and lyrics

    Karysun Biography

    In 2006, after months of talks about the idea of starting a new band together, Marc and Nico finally decided it was good time when a band was needed to support two American touring bands (Akimbo & Young Widows) for a show at the famous local rock but not roll venue Bar LaPlace. Two weeks & four practices after it’s creation Karysun played their first show : a 15 min set of heavy noise rock music, totally different in sound to their other bands (Sugartown Cabaret & Amanda Woodward among others). Winter 2007, one year later, the project was reborn to write a full length album. After heavy practicing, the duo entered the studio to record what would be unleached in spring 2008 under the name « INTERCEPTOR ». Right after the records arrived, Karysun embarked for its first european tour through France, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Rep, Spain and Portugal. The band played several festival and shared stage with Saviours, Black Cobra, Git Some, Tesa. Shortly after being back home, the duo went back to the studio to records few songs that came out on a split 10 » with LORDS and a split 7 » with YEAR OF NO LIGHT.

    Early 2009 Karysun started focusing on the writting of new riffs for a second full lenght. Some new songs were played for the first time on a small tour in Belgium, Netherland and Germany with Kidcrash (USA). Right after this tour, back to the practice room, another batch of songs got written, and in March 2010 Karysun went back to Swan Sound Studio with Producer / Engineer Guillaume Doussaud to start the recording of the second full lenght entitled « UNTIL THE END ». Eight songs clocking almost 40 minutes is the result. Different landscape and atmospheres were reached, from straight forward crust punk to post rock progressions, from noise and technical metal riffs to minimalist metal punk rhythm. Karysun started year 2011 with a tour in Japan to support the reissue of the first album there. « UNTIL THE END» got released on Destructure records and received rad reviews from Magazines and webzines. Karysun is now working on new songs and gearing for a second Spanish tour to take place in February / March 2012.

    Marc Euvrie (Guitar / Vocals) - Nicolas Bazire (Drums)


    - UNTIL THE END » CD/LP – 2010
    - Split 10″ w/ LORDS – 2009
    - Split 7″ w/ YEAR OF NO LIGHT – 2009
    - INTERCEPTOR » CD/LP – 2008

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.


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