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Finnish Kansan Uutiset - Beautiful Dreams (1984)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Spike one of many, Oct 3, 2022.

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    01 - Ankee Aamu.Mp3
    02 - Koira On Parempi Poliisi.Mp3
    03 - Koti, Uskonto, Isänmaa.Mp3
    04 - Armeija Ei Tee Miestä.Mp3
    05 - Kauniita Unia.Mp3
    06 - Etusivun Juttu.Mp3
    07 - Siat.Mp3
    08 - Hullu Kuvittelee.Mp3
    09 - Vasikka.Mp3
    10 - Sika-Lars.Mp3
    11 - Liian Puhdas.Mp3
    12 - Ankee Aamu II.Mp3
    13 - EPäkesko.Mp3
    14 - Talousarvio.Mp3
    15 - Pikku-Jeesus.Mp3
    16 - Now I Wanna Fuck Your Dog.Mp3
    17 - Kannabis Kukkakauppoihin.Mp3
    18 - Saastalla Se On.Mp3


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    Beautiful Dreams
    Release Date : 1983

    Recorded for Propaganda Records, Finland.Printed insert with band pictures and ROR catalog included.Tracks are listed sequentially from 1 to 18 on back cover."Rock-O-Rama Special Hardcore International".℗ 1983.

    Kansan Uutiset Biography

    Hardcore Punk band from Helsinki, Finland. The band was founded in the late 1970s and they released their only album in 1983. Soon after that the band was disbanded, but they have performed occasionally again since 2006.

    Band members: Pekka Pakalen, Jukka Rahkonen, Jyrki Mattila (2), Jimmy Palmer (2)

    Kansan Uutiset was formed in the beginning of the 1980`s in Vantaa, Finland.
    The first drummer with Jimmy and Örkky was YKÄ, who played with 000 (Nolla Nolla Nolla), Musta Paraati and Shadowplay. Averell replaced Yrjö and they took the vocalist SAASTA for a quite short period. They recorded EP-songs with Saasta for the PROPAGANDA - HARDCORE ´83 album. Later they finished their album for Propaganda without Saasta on vocals anymore.
    The finnish album SUOMI ORGASMIN PARTAALLA was released in Germany with name "BEAUTIFUL DREAMS".
    CD-issue was released in the beginning of 2000`s with Destrucktions. Vinyl album is re-released in december 2007 with the bonus 12"-record.

    In the 2000`s Saasta has had a couple of years line-up, which has made some gigs as well outside of Finland.


    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Rock-O-Rama Records

    One of the first German punk record labels, founded by Herbert Egoldt, who previously ran the label Big-H.
    Rock-O-Rama Records started as a label releasing punk rock and hardcore bands, mostly from Germany and later also from Finland. The first album by German skinhead band Böhse Onkelz (1984) was indexed by the West German government for sexist and violent content and subsequently banned. Releasing White Power band Skrewdriver's second album, Rock-O-Rama gradually turned into a label for various European White Power and RAC (Rock Against Communism) acts. What had started as a label releasing European punk rock of a generally progressive vein, became rapidly known for radical right-wing (and frequently indexed) releases, being for a long time the most successful and notorious label of its kind. Adding to its notoriety, from early on the label repackaged and reissued material without bands' consent or paying royalties.
    After the the death of Herbert Egoldt in November 2005 the Label was sold & is active again with selling old stock material, re-issues etc..

    Catalogue number system:

    RRR xxx - LPs (1980-1994)
    RCD xxx - CDs (1989-1994)
    RMC xxx - cassettes (1989-1994)
    RRR 1xxx - LPs (2007-present)
    RCD 1xxx - CDs (2007-present)

    Albums rarely, if ever, included lyrics, in order to comply with German law. CD releases, instead of a booklet, contained a double-sided booklet-sized card, with the album art on one side and generic information about the CD format in English, French, German and Italian on the other. Starting from the 1990s, the information panel was replaced with an advertisement for the Rock-O-Rama mail-order service.

    For Rock-O-Rama Records counterfeit releases please use l280696,

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