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Finnish Kaaos - Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos LP (1984)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Spike one of many, Aug 10, 2022.

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    01 - Kuolleet Sankarit.mp3
    02 - Väkivallan Uhrit.mp3
    03 - Syytön Sivustakatsoja.mp3
    04 - Vaihtoehto.mp3
    05 - Odotan Maailmanloppua.mp3
    06 - Vanki.mp3
    07 - Pelko Kasvattaa Vihaa.mp3
    08 - Sun Valinta.mp3
    09 - Syntynyt Häviään.mp3
    10 - Kohti Tuhoa....mp3
    11 - Kuka Kuolee Kenen Puolesta.mp3
    12 - Ei Ulospääsyä.mp3


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    Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos
    Release Date : 1984

    Comes in foldout (Crass style) cover. Recorded in February 1984.Track A1 is misspelled 'Kuollet Sankarit' on the back cover.

    Kaaos Biography

    Kaaos formed in March 1980. In the beginning of 1981 the first real line-up started to play noisy hardcore with UK & US influences. Kaaos' first 8 song EP came out as a split release with a band called Cadgers (later named Riistetyt), followed by some chaotic gigs and a couple of songs for various compilations. While guitarist (and later vocalist) Jakke being the only original member, the line-up changed frequently. As the band had very loyal fans all over the world they released their famous "Totaalinen Kaaos" EP on Propaganda Records instead of breaking up. The Ep became one of the best selling finnish records ever. The album "Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos" appeared early 1984 on Barabbas Records. During the bands first European tour German Weird System label put out a Kaaos/Terveet Kädet split LP called "So Much Fun". In 1985 Kaaos gigged all over Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, recorded another Ep (which came out in 1993) and did their final show in December ´85.

    Jakke (1994)

    Band members: Jakke, Epe, Poko, Purtsi, Kalle Hyötynen, Janne (24), Timpa (5)
    Band ex-members: , Jone Vaarala, Nappi, Kake, Pena, Pexte, Vesku, Jaska Ahonen, Sid Salminen

    KAAOS originally started in March 1980 in Tampere, Finland, formed by Jakke (RIP) and was heavily influenced by Crass, soon enough, the style/term Hardcore came about and bands like Discharge, Disorder, Chaos UK, Dead Kennedys and others began to circulate in Finland. Kaaos quickly changed their sound to the hardcore sound and started playing some chaotic gigs with their legendary song "Kytät on Natsisikoja", soon Kaaos released their first ep as a split with another local hardcore band Cadgers (later Riistetyt) after the release of the record, being the first finnish hardcore release, the singer Kake left and Jakke took over on guitar/vocals with frequent line up changes, although Kaaos stayed strong and released the raging "Totaalinen Kaaos" ep on Propaganda records, some of the best Kaaos material ever written. following this ep, there were many more line up changes, but Kaaos released some compilation tracks , then followed by the phenominal "Ristiinilauttu Kaaos" record in which they experimented a little more with slower songs, many of which were less fast and chaotic, more like some of the anarcho bands mixed with the classic chaotic finnish hardcore sound which Kaaos pioneered, many think of this as their best release. After gigging and more line up changes, members hit the studio one more time (Nukke) but the recordings werent released until later. Soon afterwards, Kaaos called it quits in December 1985, because of the general movement towards crossover metal, which Kaaos didn't want to do.

    Anarchy, Peace, Freedom!



    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Barabbas Records

    Finnish label based in Oulu, Finland. The label was run by Koira. Barabbas was active between 1984-1985 and released four LP's of Finnish hardcore punk. A couple of other releases were planned, but released later by other companies. Barabbas took its name from the most popular Finnish punk magazine of its time, but was not directly connected with Barabbas magazine.

    Planned releases which ended up being released by others:
    004 was to be r1817434
    005 was to be m50713


    Tampere SS

    Kuolleet Kukat


    Kansan Uutiset

    Maho Neitsyt
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