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Just stumbled in here.

Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by Christopher_Scum, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Christopher_Scum

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    I'm called Christopher Scum. I am bassist and singer, well screamer in The Dirty Works. Several yrs. ago we were filmed everywhere for 2 straight years by WORLFSTORM Arts Lab out of Atlanta, Ga. This doc is Rebel Scum The Movie and can be seen on Amazon.com with Prime for free. Youtube you can watch for a couple bucks.
    Everything was going good until June 29 of 2015 when my girlfriend of 20 yrs, Renee Bailey, Mackey our dog and myself were heading home from a Myrtle Beach vacation when we were involved in accident with a damn Gas Tanker. I was burned very badly, my Punk Rock Princess Renee didn't make it out. Her seat belt was stuck. I tried, even with my knife.This I live with daily.
    I am just now feeling physically and emotionally up to hit it with me The DIRTY WORKS. I also do acoustic alternative, i call SCUMERICANA.
    If this sounds interesting to you shoot me note or go on youtube Christopher Scum Fifty Acres of pain.
    Google Chris Scum and the Dirty Works. I am always looking to make friends, meet other bands, etc. The first relative gig we have is @ Memphis Hi Tone with Green Jelly.
    Peace disturbed!
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    Jan 1, 2018
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    My condolonces dude. Thats sounds fucking traumatic. Wish you the best. Awesome to hear about the Green Jelly thing. Ive missed two of their shows by inches, wont miss a third. Peace