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Insurrection - Insurrection Album - Peaceville Records

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    Nov 22, 2009
    Insurrection by Insurrection - 1987 Hardcore Punk album - Stable mates of Doom.


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    1. Pros & Cons
    2. Genetic Obscenity/Love, Lost, Life
    3. Human Waste
    4. 33rd Degree
    5. Blinded by Science
    6. When?
    7. Anything You Say
    8. Murderaargh
    9. Deadhead
    10. Cross Purposes
    11. Merry, Down & Out
    12. Murderaargh (Remix)


    Release Date : 1988

    Recorded in July 1988 @ Ocean Studios, Guernsey, Channel Islands. Printed lyric inner sleeve included.First pressing with black & white labels.All song published by Screaming Red Music. © ℗ 1988 Peaceville Records.

    Insurrection Biography

    Hardcore Punk band from Guernsey, Channel Islands.
    The band then split in 1989 and reformed in late 2009.

    Band members: Mortuary I.O.D., Pete Riddle, Mark Le Page, Jonny Langlois, Ian Allsopp, René Tostevin

    More than one band goes under the name Insurrection

    1. Insurrection (Canada)
    2. Insurrection (The Netherlands)
    3. Insurrection (Guernsey)
    4. Insurrection (South Africa)
    5. Insurrection(Canada, 1970's)
    6. Insurrection (New Jersey hardcore)
    7. Insurrection (France)

    1. (The English bio from their myspace) Upon being assembled in 2003 by founding members Martin Samson and Stef Jomphe in Gatineau, Insurrection has been growing, modulating, mutating and upgrading to better itself, to evolve over time into the machine of aural onslaught it is known to have become, emerging from the prominent Canadian scene to deliver its own mixture of merciless Death Metal, blending calculated technicality to binary simplicity, assaulting any witness in both french and english, a sound which has followed its own evolution process over the years.

    Upon releasing a first self-titled demo in its first years, the formation set itself as an underground landmark in its native national capital region, steadily expanding to bring the Insurrection sound outside of its city bounds. After a few years, the band suffers the setback of lineup changes, but with new blood arises the opportunity to use the process of reinventing itself to reach new heights, bringing in Vince L Séguin and Phil M Latreille to board the juggernaut.

    Shortly after, in 2008, the band releases Prologue, its first full length album, recorded with Jef Fortin at Badass Studio, giving true life to the monstrosity for the first time with titles like Fear Tomorrow, Festin d'entrailles and the namesake of the album, Prologue to our Demise. This release was to be the first title in the chapters to come...

    Now the time has come to launch the formation's second release, a dark prophecy of the unforgiving times to come, the brutal and relentless rythm of the soundtrack to the fall of man. For the second time since the project's activation, Insurrection brings you the complexity of the human condition wrapped in the fires of intensity and brute force. Pushing the limits set by the previous outing, Insurrection becomes more than the sum of its parts, every track contributing to this merciless new abomination, Fracture!

    1. Les membres originels sont Martin Samson à la guitare, Stéphane Jomphe à la voix,

    Le groupe donne quelques concerts avant de sortir sa première démo en mai 2004 intitulée Insurrection qui est composés de six titres très variés ce qui rends le style difficile à qualifier. Une chose est cependant certaine : il s’agit bel et bien de métal. Le groupe parvient à se forger une réputation et à ce créer un noyau de fidèles supporteurs aussi bien francophones qu’anglophones car Insurrection compose des chansons dans ses deux langues.

    Depuis la première démo, leur style évolue et se modifie de façon significative; Leurs nouvelles compositions sont caractérisées par une plus grande complexité et une nouvelle agressivité. Un second album sera écrit sans toutefois voir jour. En Mai 2005, Mathieu Vilandré quitte le groupe pour rejoindre la formation d’ottawa Fuck The Facts, et le groupe se sépare de Jérôme à l’automne, puis de Nicolas au printemps. Faisant quelques apparences à des spectacles, Insurrection reste tranquille jusqu’au printemps 2006.

    Sans se décourager, après quelques changements, des nouveaux membres sont choisis: Maxime T Gingras (Phalanx, Syncytia) à la basse, Tyler Black(Phalanx, Grindcorps) à la batterie et Andrew ’Angry’ Allston à la guitare se joignent à Martin et Stéphane. La table est mise pour reprendre là ou le projet avait été laissé, mais la nouvelle formation du groupe dure moins d’un an: Tyler décide de se consacré à d’autres projets et quitte Insurrection. Maxime et Andrew quitteront le groupe en juin de la même année vers d’autres horizons.

    Ces membres seront remplacés par Philippe Morreau (a burial plague) à la batterie, Vincent Laprade Séguin à la guitare, suivi peu de temps après de Benoît Knight à la basse. Le train reprends une fois de plus bel;Une chimie est rapidement créée et Insurrection reprend son train d’enfer.

    À l’été 2007, le groupe décide que la mise à jour des chansons est nécessaire et enregistre 7 chansons, dont ’Fear Tomorrow’ et se lance à la poursuite d’une scène plus étendue

    Mothers be warned! Keep an eye on your daughters! Taunting the common standards in extreme metal with their melodic, yet aggressive metal, Dutch Insurrection brings you an exciting fresh breeze of ultimate catchy riffs, pounding bass and fast and tight drums. All topped off with frenzying vocals that gives you a true insight in how insanity really sounds.

    Founded in 2010, the band from Northern Holland brought in a lot of experience from the start. The line-up consists of bandmembers that played/are playing in Dutch metalbands like Existence Denied, Beyond Reproach, Mortuary I.O.D., Crushing Jackhammer and Enraged.

    In the short period of time that Insurrection has existed, the band also already convinced a lot of people by both their shattering live performance and their extreme music as. With their 4th show ever for example, Insurrection ended up in the finals of the Dutch Metal Battle contest in early 2011. THE match for new talented metalbands from Holland.

    With new songs coming up, the band is ready to tremble more stages. So get in contact for bookings!

    3. Hardcore Punk band from Guernsey, Channel Islands (Island between England and France) Original line up Mark & Ian - Vocals, Jon - Guitar, Pete - Bass & Rene - Drums.

    A demo was sent to Hammy at Peaceville Records (who would later go on to release albums from some of the greats of the Metal world) and was accepted for inclusion on the compilation album "A Vile Peace".

    After playing gigs with the likes of Chaos UK it was clear that the band's sound was starting to sound dated. So a couple of new guitar pedals and a doubling of the speed brought the new faster heavier tracks such as those featured on the Insurrection album.

    Further gigs with Concrete Sox and Doom would confirm their place alongside some of the best Hardcore/Crust bands of the era.

    A track from the album "Murderaargh" was remixed and included on a further Peaceville compilation "Hiatus".

    For musical differences Pete would leave the band in 1989 and be replaced by Alex, whose bass playing would take the band in a different direction although retaining the strong roots. sadly no recordings exist for the new line up.

    The band ceased playing in 1990. The original lineup of Insurrection have regrouped and will be playing a limited number of gigs in Summer 20092009. New tracks have already been written and will complement the older material.

    4. A Death Metal band formed in Springs, South Africa in 1992. The band released a series of demos as well as an EP titled Umnikelo in 1996 before splitting up.

    Started in 1992 in Springs near Johannesburg, Insurrection was a Death Metal act that took the scene by the throat and ripped it out!! The band accumulated many fans over the world in it's 6 years of existence. All their songs have been made available for download as a tribute to them, the scene in South Africa and all the metalheads they have had the pleasure of meeting and playing to in those twilight years.

    The band consisted of:

    Bryan Viljoen - Vocals
    Dean Coull - Guitars
    Morgan Seizer - Bass
    Jimi Anderson - Drums

    5. A punk band playing in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and Hull, Quebec Canada in the late 1970`s. Guitarists included Ricky Satan, Steve G, Pete Nasty, Singers included Henry, Snoopy, Rick Satan, Drummer was Johnny Crossfire, and Ricky Satan, Bassist included Ricky Satan, Steve G, Johnny Crossfire, Peter Nasty, Scotty Hostika. Everybody wrote songs. Some live tapes exist, some photos, Everybody wrote songs. Influences were, the Ramones, Sex Pistols, Clash, Reggae music, Sham 69. All members had musical futures.

    6. New Jersey hardcore, 2013-present, heavily influenced by 90s hardcore bands such as Undertow and Outspoken

    7. Identity rock from France.

    1999 - N.C.H.C
    2002 - Honneur et Fidelite
    2005 - Radikalcore
    2008 - Ne plus subir

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Peaceville

    English label founded by Paul Halmshaw aka Hammy in 1987, mainly dealing in metal.
    The label was sold to Snapper Music in 2000.

    Label Code (current): LC 01702
    Label Code (pre-2000): LC 05580 / LC 5580

    bPlease use Peaceville Records for company credits./b

    Catalog numbers format:

    VILE ### T (12"s: singles, maxis, EPs)
    VILE ### (LPs)
    VILE ### P (picture LPs)

    CDVILE### / VILE ### CD (CDs)
    CDMVILE### / VILE ### TCD (MCDs/singles/EPs)
    CDXVILE### (limited CDs)

    CC# (Collectors Club series 7"s)

    1999 - ...
    CDVILEM### (re-issued CDs with a slipcase)

    2002 - ...
    CDVILEF### (CDs)
    CDVILEF###X (limited CDs)
    CDVILES### (MCDs/singles/EPs)
    CDVILED### (digipak CDs, both new and re-issued)
    EBVILE### (box sets, both CD and vinyl releases)
    DVDVILE### (DVDs)
    LPVILE###, suddenly changed to VILELP### (vinyl releases: LPs, 12" mini-albums / EPs)
    VILEMC### (cassettes)
    VILES### (vinyl singles, 7" & 12" sizes)


    In Memoriam


    Descend Into Nothingness

    Strings Of Ares

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    Jul 28, 2010
    anyways to re-up this? link says file doesn't exist. would love to have this! got it on vinyl back in 88, have been looking for this for years! thanks!
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    Nov 22, 2009
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    Nov 22, 2009
    Insurrection are supporting The Mob, Zounds and Rubella Ballet in Bristol on 8th April 2011.
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    Nov 22, 2009
    Better quality copies of the 1987 Peaceville Records album can be found here



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