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Initial State - 1994 - Abort The Soul

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Initial State - 1994 - Abort The Soul
    • Initial State - Abort The Soul - 01 - Pagan Prayer.mp3
    • Initial State - Abort The Soul - 02 - Begin To Breathe.mp3
    • Initial State - Abort The Soul - 03 - Die Silent.mp3
    • Initial State - Abort The Soul - 04 - Feast.mp3
    • Initial State - Abort The Soul - 05 - Every Promise.mp3
    • Initial State - Abort The Soul - 06 - Abort The Soul.mp3
    • Initial State - Abort The Soul - 07 - Collapse.mp3
    • Initial State - Abort The Soul - 08 - Swarm.mp3
    • Initial State - Abort The Soul - 09 - Eclipse.mp3
    • Initial State - Abort The Soul - 10 - Purge.mp3
    • Initial State - Abort The Soul - 11 - Birthright.mp3
    • Initial State - Abort The Soul - 12 - What Does It Mean.mp3


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    Abort The Soul
    Release Date : 1994

    Recorded Spring of 1994 at "The Jam Room" in Columbia, SC.Includes 8½ x 11 double-sided insert.- Black vinyl has extra space between the grooves of every two songs, with etchings of the two song titles inside this extra space. - At the beginning of the record on Side A, the etching reads "PAGON PRAYER - BEGIN TO BREATHE", after song A2, the etching reads "DIE SiLENT - FEAST", and after s

    Initial State Biography

    Hardcore punk crust band from Dallas, Texas.

    Band members: Scott Cooper (2), Kevin Byrd, Lyz, Alan Mozingo

    Three members of Columbia, South Carolina's Antischism- Kevin Byrd, Scott Cooper and Lyz Mueller relocated to Dallas, Texas in 1993 after Antischism Broke up on tour in Canada in 1991. Forming Initial State with a new bassist, the band was short lived, playing a total of only four shows and recording and releasing only one record, Abort The Soul in 1994. Recorded at The Jam Room in Columbia, South Carolina by Jay Matheson, the record was originally released by Clearview records. A continuation of the anarcho punk lyrical ideals of Antischism, the music evolved into a tighter, more focused attack of down-tuned guitars, experimental passages and technical drumming. The apocalyptic tone of the lyrics and down tuned, gloomy edge of the music presaged the Southern crust sound of the late 90's by bands like His Hero Is Gone, Damad, From ashes Rise. After the dissolution of Initial State bassist Alan Mozingo played with the ska- horror band, The Independents. Kevin Byrd, Lyz Mueller and Alan Mozingo also recorded a project called .Fuckingcom that was released on 7" EP. Kevin Byrd transformed the Second line up of .Fuckingcom into Guyana Punch Line with In/Humanity Vocalist Chris Bickle taking over the vocals. This original Guyana Punch Line line up, sans Chris Bickle, Now performs as Thank God.Scott Cooper played in the early years of Savannah, Georgia's Damad, as well as Karst and Chronicle A.D..

    In 1999, "Abort The Soul" was remastered and re-released on Prank Records. More information about Initial State can be found at Prank's site: www.prankrecords.com.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Clearview Records

    Record label based in USA.