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Imperial Leather - 2004 - A Nobis Factum Optime Est (EP)

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    Imperial Leather - 2004 - A Nobis Factum Optime Est (EP)
    • Imperial Leather - A Nobis Factum Optime Est EP - 01 - Saving Seats.mp3
    • Imperial Leather - A Nobis Factum Optime Est EP - 02 - Doing Our Best.mp3
    • Imperial Leather - A Nobis Factum Optime Est EP - 03 - Bunch Of Fucking Freaks.mp3
    • Imperial Leather - A Nobis Factum Optime Est EP - 04 - I Feel Sick.mp3


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    A Nobis Factum Optime Est
    Release Date : 2004

    Recorded, mixed and mastered at Erebus Odora 7-8 + 14-15 November 2003.

    Imperial Leather Biography

    Swedish punk band from Stockholm, formed in 2000.

    Band members: Mattias Kennhed, Amyl Nitrate (2), Who Killed Matte?, Just Matte, Joni Macaroni, Kristoffer Axiö
    Band ex-members: , Danny Rotten, Christoffer Jonsson, David Stark (5)

    It all started in the year 2000 when a bunch of friends in Stockholm and Amyl Nitrate from Brooklyn, NY, started making noises in the rehersal room. Amyl moved to Stockholm permanently later that year and IMPERIAL LEATHER became a "serious" band. The plan was to play basic Punkrock'n'roll with fun but still relevant lyrics. The members at that time was:

    Amyl Nitrate and Dny Rotten - Vocals
    PDR and Sky Saxxon - Guitars
    Joni Macaroni - bass and Kenko the Knife - Drums

    That line up did two 7"s and a bunch of gigs in Sweden, Finland, the UK and America before PDR left the band 2003. Dagny Dagger played stand in guitar on the euro summer tour '03, but since Kenko wanted the switch to guitar Grand Dadde started to play drums in the band later that year. One 7", a LP/CD released on Profane Existence, and a bunch of gigs in Sweden, Germany, Chech Republic and Poland was completed made by this line up before Joni and Dadde decided to jump off the band wagon to focus on other projects. Alas, for the US Tour 2005/06 we have some new recruits on board - welcome 138 on bass and Who-Killed-Matte? on drums!

    Members have been/are in such fine acts as:
    The Varukers, Spidercunts, Meanwhile/Dischange, No Security, Burning Kitchen, Stockholm Pigs, Zombiefied, Skeletor, Abductee S.D, Sunday Morning Einsteins, D.S.-13, Hatet Vxer and more...

    Excuses for Future Fuck-ups 7"(Instigate, 2003)
    S/t Pro-printed Tape (Trujaca Fala, 2003)
    Commodity of a Filthy Society 7" (Communichaos Media, 2003)
    A Nobis Factum Optime Est 7" (Communichaos Media, 2004)
    Something ut of Nothing LP/CD (Profane Existence 2005)
    Antibodies ep 7" (Profane Existence 2006)
    Crash your border, split w Clashdogs CD (MCR 2007)

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Communichaos Media

    Defunct Swedish hardcore punk label. For the studio please see l1205337.