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i'll show you mine if you show me yours

Discussion in 'D.I.Y. - Creative section' started by snookams, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. snookams

    snookamsExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Feb 7, 2010
    post song lyrics or poems or whatnot if you got em....i enjoy reading everyone's lyrics on this site....i'll post some too (critique is very welcome, give me your worst).

    Years Past
    Break the dam
    Flood the nile
    They've watched us kick and scream all the while

    To their wind
    We will be stone
    We've learned from grass, we can't be blown

    We go
    Years of the unkown
    Years of enslavement
    Hunger and apathy grown
    Like grass we were
    they stomped and cut
    And trimmed from birth
    Now we know
    to be like stone
    now we know
    secrets grown

    break the damn
    flood the nile
    they've watched us kick and scream all the while

    to their wind
    we will be stone
    we've learned from grass, we can't be blown

    in peices
    we were
    disunified and angry
    turning on each other
    we were so hungry
    to rip out a throat
    in response to our choke
    holding to the past
    as the future was wrote
    our backs turned
    a whip in place to
    new problems we must face

    We'll break the dam
    We'll flood the nile
    For too long have they watched the bodies pile
    Our brothers and sisters
    We let them die
    By sitting on our hands-
    trusting every lie

    And to their wind
    We will be stone
    We'll no longer twist, be ripped or grown
    From the roots
    To be planted as they pleased
    Now we must be stone
    No longer on our knees

    The Lowest Animal
    We have stolen the stars
    Made them our own
    Dark are the skies
    But bright are our homes
    The mountains are ours
    We've made them fall
    To be turned into powder
    And made into walls

    Conquerers of sky
    Of land and of sea
    The new controllers
    For our own opportunity

    The fuel of the earth
    Is ours to take
    We claim the right
    She crumbles in our wake
    And the waters once ran
    Through the land so green
    Runs now in fossits
    To keep us all clean

    Reaping the ground
    For what we can find
    Taking it all
    To our actions we're blind

    We've created gods
    And killed them off
    Minds have been grabbed
    Malliable and soft
    Tamed and caged
    The wildest beasts
    To be made extinct
    Feast after feast

    The lion hunts
    In order to survive
    When humans hunt
    Everything dies

    Trees once grew
    Where skyscrappers are
    And valleys of gold
    Now highways for cars
    Kingdoms and lords
    Of the highest ways
    When the lowest animal lives
    Everyone pays

    Death To The Capitalist
    We're tired of the myth
    We're tired of the greed
    False human emotion
    Through advertising
    Of all the waste
    It's time to taste
    Your own medicine-
    It's never free

    death to the capitalist

    It's always anything for you
    It's anything for your creed
    Always a fresh mind
    To plant your rotten seed
    But now we know
    The truth is in our eyes
    The mind control is over
    Pull the trigger on the lies

    death to the capitalist

    To you, the capitalist
    Time to end your power trip

    ....one more....sorry it's alot, i know. if you're still reading, i appreciate your time!

    I can't remember the crime
    But it keeps me paranoid
    Fill up that empty hole
    Cover up the void
    Come to think, it can't come to mind
    I've forgotten who I am
    I'm as relative as time
    The same things into my mouth
    That come out of my ass
    Come out as the reality
    I'm swimming in chlorine gas
    Go at it quick, do it fast
    Time's running out, can't outlast
    As I sit in my favorite chair
    Feeling insane, feeling sick
    But after a couple of these
    It gives me that same old dream
    Please don't tell me it's a trick
    I know it's broken, I can't fix
    What should be left alone
    In the dark it all feels the same
    With a sick realization
    That I can't remember my name
    I still go at it, used and lame
    What's behind me, I'll give it a kick
    After all those years
    That same nervous tick
    When the smoke clears it returns to me
    That I never really could see
    Phone's off the hook, put down my book
    If I close my eyes
    I won't have to look
    Hide from the truth
    Like a rotten tooth
    Reaching up in my brain
    The doctors telling me I'm insane
    Just a couple of these for the pain
    Once after work
    Once before bed
    Down my throat, out my ass
    Until the day that I'm dead
    But I can still remember
    That one girl in her summer dress
    Looking kind of depressed
    As I walk to my apartment flat
    Stepping over bums and rats
    The city is so very loud
    I know I'm one with the crowd
    Fast as the food rotting inside me
    As I sleep in fron of the TV
    Where my college education got me
    Here you learn nothing is free
    It starts to hurt when I sit so long
    My ears ringing that continous song
    A buzz that goes throught the gray
    Behind my closed eyes
    Cozy with dolled up lies
    And all the girls in their summer dresses pass
    My mind spins, it's all so fast
    There's nothing here to save
    Walk away with a nod and a wave
    My hand passes by
    No sound is made
    Quietly slipping away
    We're all stuck here, no escape
    Stuck here in our own hate
    My eyes fixed upon that familiar screen
    Taking comfort in the obscene
    And that girl passes by in her summer dress
    Looking all kind of depressed

    that's it from me. thanks for reading if you did. now post yours!

  2. SurgeryXdisaster

    SurgeryXdisasterExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Oct 8, 2009
    I thoroughly enjoyed your work

    i'll post mine once i get around to digging them out,
    and typing them up.

    :anarchism: :peace:
  3. persona-non-grata

    persona-non-grataExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Mar 9, 2010
    i really like your stuff so here's my lyrics :p

    Is this freedom?


    is this freedom?

    Fighting for your freedom and fighting for your safety
    the government is bringin us nothing but brutalaty
    police state and an unfair treatment
    equalty seems totaly abscent


    is this the way you want to be free
    cos i don't think this is what it's supposed to be
    do you really want to live in a world like this
    corruption, war and propaganda and that is all there is

    Ignorant zombie

    You went to church everyday
    lived your life did your pray
    you think you allways need to be
    an exemple for society
    but suddenly you realise
    you're a zombie not dead not 'live

    you're an ignorant zombie
    is it realy what you want to be
    you're an ignorant zombie
    r u really too blind to see
    you're an ignorant

    you walk around like a brain dead fool
    not knowing that your just a tool
    a tool to keep the people sane
    making them live without a brain
    then suddenly you realize
    you're zombie not dead not 'live


    so these are the one's that aren't posted on here allready so tell me what ya think :D
  4. snookams

    snookamsExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Feb 7, 2010
    sick songs persona! it's good to see people responding. and thanks for the love too! post some more, lets make this site poetic! \m/
  5. Raise Your Fist

    Raise Your FistExperienced Member Uploader Experienced member Forum Member




    Apr 11, 2010
    I have a song about that casualties i wrote (lawlz)
    Im only willing to share title, which is: My mohawk is taller than yours

    I personally hate writing lyrics just because on paper they dont look good.
  6. snookams

    snookamsExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Feb 7, 2010
    yeah i hear ya fist...i started typing mine up from the huge amount of paper that i've thrown away from shitty song lyrics (or at least one's I didn't like). a good way to get some shit going is to just write/type whats on your mind...kind of like a stream of consciousness....and eventually something good will come from it that you can build on. Get a notebook or something along the lines of that, carry it around with you in case you think of something when you're out and about, and just start going at it.
  7. Evil Dead

    Evil DeadMember New Member




    Jul 11, 2010

    A mind possessed cant see the world For what it is
    A mind possessed can only the glam of showbiz
    A mind possessed cant see true life
    A mind possessed's only freedom is the Grim Reaper's Scythe

    A mind Possessed is a prisoner
    In a life of materialism
    A mind Possessed is a Prisoner
    In a world of Imperialism

    Free yourself