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Icons Of Filth - 2002 - Nostradamnedus

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    Icons Of Filth - 2002 - Nostradamnedus
    • 01 - Icons Of Filth - Riddled With Guilt.mp3
    • 02 - Icons Of Filth - Fast And Loose.mp3
    • 03 - Icons Of Filth - Just Wont Go.mp3
    • 04 - Icons Of Filth - Plastic Wrap.mp3
    • 05 - Icons Of Filth - Treadmil.mp3
    • 06 - Icons Of Filth - Henry Ford.mp3
    • 07 - Icons Of Filth - Ghetto Of Disillusion.mp3
    • 08 - Icons Of Filth - Orators Of Mumbo Jumbo.mp3
    • 09 - Icons Of Filth - Flag.mp3
    • 10 - Icons Of Filth - Grind.mp3
    • 11 - Icons Of Filth - Perpetual Notion.mp3
    • 12 - Icons Of Filth - Nostradamnedus.mp3
    • 13 - Icons Of Filth - Airwaves.mp3


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    Release Date : 2002

    Recorded at Strangedays Studios, somewhere near Cardiff, Wales, August 2001.

    Icons Of Filth Biography

    Formed: 1979, Cardiff, Wales (UK).
    Disbanded: 1985.

    Reformed: 2001.
    Disbanded: 2004.

    Previously named Mock Death and Nuclear Filth, Icons Of Filth was formed 1979 in Cardiff, Wales (UK). Despite the band's extensive touring and recording schedule, they drifted apart in 1985.

    They remained on hiatus until 2001, which yielded a new album Nostradamnedus and a return to touring, though this was cut short when unfortunately, vocalist Stig suffered a heart attack and passed away shortly after a gig in London on October 23rd 2004.

    Following two benefit performances for Stig's children, Icons Of Filth was disbanded indefinitely.


    anarcho-punk band formed in Cardiff, UK, active from 1979 to 1985. They reformed in 2001 and disbanded again in 2004 after the unexpected death of its lead singer Andrew Sewell. The band come back in 2020 with a new vocalist and touring in UK and Europe .

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Go-Kart Records

    Independent punk / hardcore label from New York, USA.

    The label has released material from a ton of bands across the punk spectrum from melodic to crust punk including Conflict, GBH, Weston, Doc Hopper, Anti-Flag, The Varukers and a ton of others.