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Iconoclast - 1985 - Iconoclast (EP)

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Iconoclast - 1985 - Iconoclast (EP)
    • Iconoclast - EP - 01 - In These Times.mp3
    • Iconoclast - EP - 02 - Prisoners Of Existence.mp3
    • Iconoclast - EP - 03 - Battlefields.mp3
    • Iconoclast - EP - 04 - Things Of Beauty.mp3


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    The Iconoclast
    Release Date : 1985

    Tracks A1 & A2 - Recorded September 1984. Track B - Recorded April 1985. All tracks recorded @ Casbah Studios, Fullerton, California. Side A plays at 33 RPM. Side B plays at 45 RPM. Insert with lyrics and info included. First press has a black border sleeve, second has a white one. Catalog number from matrix.Processed (Plating/Metalwork) at Greg Lee Processing based on the etchings (ente

    Iconoclast Biography

    Hardcore punk band from Sylmar, California, USA. They are considered among the earliest American "peace punk" bands and had a large influence on the burgeoning Southern California peace punk / anarcho punk scene of the mid 80's.

    Band members: Ivan Morley, Don Delvalle, Rene Orozco, Nick Hansen
    Band ex-members: , Brendan (3), Greg Holdridge, Ralph (67)

    There is more than one artist(s) with the name Iconoclast

    1) A deathcore band from Perth, Western Australia, Iconoclast play energetic, technically proficient, politically charged deathcore with a fresh approach that stands out from the overused blastbeat/breakdown formula. While both of those elements are still present, Iconoclast strive to incorporate new concepts to their sound, taking influence from Groove Metal bands from the 90's to the recent 'djent' movement. Formed in 2012, they released their Debut EP "Autonomist" on 21 December 2012 + a music video for their single "Seditionist" in July 2013, both to critical acclaim. They are currently in pre-production for their eagerly awaited debut full length to be released in 2014.

    2) Name of the second incarnation of the 70's Dutch punk rockers The Mollesters, in use since 2012. They have stated: We, Iconoclast, were not looking for an original band name as a matter of fact. We do not see us as a band , rather a Particle of something bigger than us. Iconoclast is exactly what we mean "No Rioting and looting but a Mental Evolution".

    3) A 1980's californian anarcho-punk band.

    4) An acoustic/electronica duo formed in 1987.

    5) A 1990's hardcore band from New Jersey.

    6) A 1990's Japanese crust-punk band.

    7) A technical metal band from Wales.

    8) A Thrash Metal band from Lincolnshire, UK.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Flipside Records

    Label run by a1483171 from US hardcore/punk magazine Flipside.


    I Shall Devour

    A Trust Unclean

    Science of Sleep

    Altered Perceptions

    Sever the King