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I don't believe in the system anymore, so now I'm here

Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by DickEvil, Sep 16, 2016.

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    Sep 16, 2016
    My whole life I've been into violent media such as video games, horror films, heavy metal, rap and punk music. First video game I ever beat was Doom on the PC back when I was about 6 years old in early 2001. The reason I go back to that specific game and age is because my two best friends at the time were Bosnian refugees. We would hang out almost every day and play Doom and Metal Gear Solid and watch movies we shouldn't have been watching as kids like Evil Dead 2 and whatnot. Everything was pretty fuckin' sweet for the most part.

    Then 9/11 happened.

    I remember the effects of the attacks really hit home when days afterwards one of my Bosnian friends was pulled out of class and yelled at in the hallway until he cried and begged for his mother, screaming something about where he hid the bomb. They couldn't find a bomb so they just suspended him for a week. They didn't have a reason, other than that he was a Muslim.

    Around that time I was also getting very into history because as a kid of German descent with a great granddad that fought for the Kaiser during World War 1 and left for the US because he didn't want to live in a country ruled by Hitler. I wanted to know how bad things got (that, and I was playing a lot of Medal of Honor) so I talked to him and found out he tried to join the US Army to go fight but they wouldn't let him because he was too old. I asked him how Hitler came to power and he told me he did it the same way the other politicians do in any country. He got the dumbest people he could find and said that they needed to blame the smart people for their problems. In this case the smart people were Jews, Gypsies, the mentally ill and homosexuals.

    Fast forward to today and now we've got to deal with Trump. He might not be Hitler calibre at this point but he fits every definition of a fascist, so he's more like Mussolini or Franco at the moment. However, that doesn't make the situation any less frightening, because he did what Hitler did. Take stupid people and blame smart people, and it worked.

    On the other end of this we have Hillary Clinton who very obviously utilized voter fraud to gain her position and is simply a Yes Man for the corporations that back her. Things probably won't get all that much worse than before under her but they sure as hell won't get better, and I'm a little tired of mediocrity.

    On the grand political scale things are pretty shit, but then you've got cops shooting black people in the face and getting paid vacation, rich white kids raping children and getting away with it and even more other cops are raping women in squad cars, interrogation rooms and prison, any place they're given an opportunity, and they just get away with it. I'm fucking tired of it.

    Anyway, all of these events plus other dumb shit happening in the world turned me into a sarcastic prick who one day discovered Total Chaos and Aus-Rotten, eventually leading my viewing of the "Pride in Prejudice" video by Slayer where Danny Trejo and a dude with an eye patch stab a bunch of Nazis in the chest. After viewing the comments on that video from bootybothered white power fuckheads and my own shenanigangs involving boneheads at Slayer concerts before where three assholes would team up on one tiny Hispanic kid in the pit I finally realized just how cowardly and useless these racist, homophobic and sexist bags of piss really are.

    Some of the communists I know are pretty cool, but I've always preferred The Exploited to Blaggers ITA, so I guess since I don't believe in the system, I believe in Anarchy.