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Hummingbird Of Death - Chainsaw To The Face - Split 10" - 2008 (U$A)

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    Track List:

    01. HOD - First We Should Observe the Ancient Ritual of the Traditional Pre-Fight Donut
    02. HOD - Shittier Luck Next Time
    03. HOD - Great Annoyance and Displeasure
    04. HOD - Ordinary Hard-Working Law-Abiding Homophobes
    05. HOD - Acid Casualty (Koro)
    06. HOD - Anytown USA
    07. Chainsaw to the Face - Suffering You
    08. Chainsaw to the Face - Cancer
    09. Chainsaw to the Face - Knee Deep in the Dead
    10. Chainsaw to the Face - Crippling Depression
    11. Chainsaw to the Face - Narcosis
    12. Chainsaw to the Face - Inadequacy
    13. Chainsaw to the Face - Crawl
    14. Chainsaw to the Face - I'll Bury You
    15. Chainsaw to the Face - Pessimistic
    16. Chainsaw to the Face - Misogynist
    17. Chainsaw to the Face - Pox
    18. Chainsaw to the Face - Purgatorial Existence
    19. Chainsaw to the Face - Abandonment
    20. Chainsaw to the Face - Retardation
    21. Chainsaw to the Face - Endless Repetition

    Hummingbird Of Death Biography

    In spring 2004 I wrote a couple fastcore songs (that ended up being the first two songs on our demo). I had Justin come over one night and I taught him the two songs, since he was the only friend I had who could play the shit on guitar. Fast forward to summer 2005. I asked Justin if he wanted to do Hummingbird Of Death with me as a side project. He agreed, and so I quickly wrote 8 more songs, and in August we recorded the 10 songs in my basement (plus a few cover songs), with me playing drums and lead vocals and Justin playing guitar and bass. This became our demo tape. We knew we needed another person to play bass since we planned on playing a show or two eventually. Our pal Brian was down. So in October, right after we got the demo out, he started playing bass with us. The three of us started practicing in my basement, where we recorded one more song for a 1332 Records compilation called "Twice The Evil." Then we started writing more songs.
    nI sent the tape to a few of my favorite labels. Ken at Sound Pollution really liked it. Around January 2006, after we'd played our first few shows, Ken approached us with an offer. He planned to put out a split LP with I Accuse! and another band, but the other band didn't work out. So he asked us to be the other band on the split. At this point we had over 20 songs and we were about ready to record. We accepted the offer, and in November Sound Pollution released the IA/HOD split LP. Everyone lived happily ever after. The end!

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.