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Swedish Human Waste - Ett 6-Pack Folköl & Antipolis (2002)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Starfighter, Jun 26, 2022.

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Male, 36 years old
    Malmö, Sweden Sweden
    MP3 | CBR 320 kbps | 108 MB

    01 På Jakt Efter Folle.mp3
    02 Freedom Of Speech.mp3
    03 Polisstat-Snuthat.mp3
    04 Skendemokrati.mp3
    05 Öga För Öga.mp3
    06 Ge Mej En Anledning Att Fortsätta Leva.mp3
    07 Hypocrisy.mp3
    08 Hopplösa Fall, Förlorade Själar.mp3
    09 The Great Profit-Race.mp3
    10 Avsky.mp3
    11 Religion.mp3
    12 Ni Kväver Mej.mp3
    13 Ner På Knä.mp3
    14 Själslig Avgrund.mp3
    15 Vilket Jävla Skitliv!.mp3
    16 Bruce Lee Bor Inte Här!.mp3
    17 Ni Blundar För Verkligheten.mp3
    18 Lagens Långa Arm.mp3
    19 Rent Hyckleri.mp3
    20 Frihet.mp3
    21 Slit Dej Fri.mp3
    22 Vakna Sverige!.mp3
    23 I Botten På Flaskan.mp3
    24 Misstro...II.mp3
    25 Inrutat Liv = Bortkastat Liv.mp3
    26 Res Er.mp3
    27 Wake Up.mp3
    28 Social Warfare.mp3
    29 Dra Åt Helvete!.mp3
    30 Bombraid.mp3
    31 See You In The Pit.mp3


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    Human Waste Biography

    Tjere are at least four bands with this name:

    1) Crust from Östersund, Sweden
    2) Spanish Death Metal band https://archive.org/details/humanwastehumanwaste
    3) Australian 80's hardcore band.
    4) Oakland grindcore band.

    1) This band started back in the year 1998. Four low-life suckers who had nothing to do in their spare time except for drinking and play music started to jam on a youth recreation centre. The band have changed members more often then they change underwears. But todays line-up have been the same for some years now. The first seven inches was pretty boring straight-up forward scandi-crust, and they were often compared to Skitsystem in zine-reviews. Today they have created thier own sound, in a sweet combination between crust and rock n roll. Human Waste have released to many records and done to few conserts. But it's not that easy when all of the members live in different cites all over across Sweden. It's not that hard to guess that this band don't rehersal that often. It's fucking unbelievable that they did the european "slusk tour" for five weeks in the end of 2004. They have talked about recording an LP for a long time now, and who knows...when you least expect it it might be released...

    2) Spanish death metal band formed in 1990. Human Waste featured the themes 'So is death', 'The men and their lives' and 'The almighty protozoon' in the "Death Metal Party" Compilation (PSM Music, 1995). Another bands featured were Pulmons Negres, Traste, Mortal Mutilation, Obscure (Esp), Corrupt Soul, Karne de Zerdo and Necropsy (Esp).

    3) Australian 80's hardcore band. Released a demo in '86. Additional information is scarce.

    4) Short-lived Oakland grindcore act. Released 2 splits, a small handful of EPs and demos and called it quits in Aug '12. Stay grind.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.
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    Aug 22, 2010
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    Much appreciated, as always! aint ashamed

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