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Howdy ho!

Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by audryagitprop, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. audryagitprop

    audryagitpropMember New Member




    Apr 16, 2011
    Hey all,
    Audry here. Anarchopunk from Aussieland, now mostly based in Sydney (Sodomcity). Radical queer/pomosexual, whore (sex worker), poet/writer/artist, sadomasochist kinkster and general freak.

    Central interests around activism generally involve sex worker rights, drug user rights, gender & sexuality, profeminist and anti-religious action. Am also starting to get more heavily involved with activism around indigenous issues (rights and culture) from a perspective of dualism, cultural relativism and decolonisation.

    Current semi-active blogs are:

    * http://audreyautonomy84.blogspot.com/
    * http://punkpoetiks.blogspot.com/
    * http://buildingtunga.blogspot.com/

    Decided to get involved with this forum through looking to get involved in performance and also for opportunities for dialogue and netwerking with other anarchopunks. Found the forum through some research n brainstorming I'm doing around a piece of work I wanna do around punk, specifically history of the word and its relationship to sex work and whores. One of the many reasons I've identified as a punk for most of my life is that the word has many historical meanings, many of which i identify with in some way.

    Always up for networking and building! Get in touch!

    Peace, love and all that good shit
    Audry Nachos Autonomy

    "They wrote us off. They keep trying to write off our ailing truths with their sanctimonious lies. But nothing will silence us! Even after death, from our graves we will appeal to your conscience not to transform the Earth into a sarcophagus!"
    ~ Lyubov Sirota, Ukrainian poet & Chernobyl survivor (1988)

  2. butcher

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    Sep 8, 2009
    g'day and welcome! :beer:

    Maybe hit up user: Queerpunk for stuff on sex worker (most particularly Queer sex workers) activism and whatnot here in Melbz if yr interested.
  3. Hailey Edge

    Hailey EdgeExperienced Member Experienced member




    Apr 7, 2011
    Hi, Welcome. I'm excited to have more people 'specializing' in certain areas on the board. It brings new stuff for everyone. Woo. :3
  4. trevor9849

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    Sep 12, 2010