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Homophobic teachers

Discussion in 'General political debates' started by Connor, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Connor

    ConnorNew Member New Member




    Sep 15, 2018
    Texas, United States United States
    Okay so I'm 16 years old and I go to very conservative school where no one is very nice. But recently I was put in a program made to help me handle my mental health, and inside that class there is a teacher who is very against everything I do. She hates my hair, my (lack of) religion, how loud my boots are, everything. Well one day I went in to that class because my boyfriend was having a major mental breakdown and I was concerned and she told me that that's what I get for "choosing" to like men. I tried to tell her that that isn't how it works and she told me that "god" made everyone straight and I was going against his plan. What the fuck do I even say to that? What would y'all say to that? I'm so confused.

  2. Charger Bullet

    Charger BulletMember Forum Member




    Feb 9, 2018
    Texas, United States United States
    Ask her if she is also irate about interracial dating. Or tell her she is a pervert for being so preoccupied with other people's love lives. Or take the passive-aggressive approach and tell her that she is such a good, loving christian.

    Seriously, I can't tell you what to say since I don't know your situation at that school, or if there are things that you say or do that can make things worse. What are you confused about? That there are evil people in this world like your teacher? She sounds like a piece of shit.
  3. NihilVeritasEst

    NihilVeritasEstNew Member New Member




    honestly at this point it might just be best to fuck with her, mock her in conversation or spit on her shoes.
    those sorts of people cant be won over with pleasant debate, but an act of defiance might plant the seed in their head that they are wrong.
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  4. ScottO

    ScottOMember Forum Member




    File a complaint. Disparaging a student's sexuality is against Title IX regulations.
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