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holy shit, arizona stuffs

Discussion in 'General political debates' started by butcher, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Vegetarian Barbarian

    Vegetarian BarbarianExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Oct 19, 2009
    Republicans want to review the birthright of citizenship (14th amendment) and probably take it out.

    The supreme court has also changed around our Meranda Rights

    Its becoming increasingly illegal to film cops
  2. butcher

    butcherExperienced Member Uploader Experienced member Forum Member




    Sep 8, 2009
    land of the free!
  3. punkmar77

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    Nov 13, 2009
     United States
    Not going to happen, 'the melting pot' is everyday becoming more and more true and ignorant Whites are becoming more and more paranoid...but it's too little too late.
  4. Anxiety69

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    Oct 18, 2009
    Male, 45 years old
    Long Beach CA United States
    honestly, it was a pretty dumb idea in the first place for the USA to award citizenship to anyone born here... (i mean seriously, not many other countries do that), I say that because what is happening , and how people take advantage of it had to be expected. I hope more and more people come here to give birth, and phase out the aristocratic ruling class.

    all this anti immigration BS is a result of the governments own fault. They want to change something that has been in effect for over 200 years and has caused many successful people of all races to be born here? Not gonna happen.

    People are quick to forget that the idea of the USA was to be a place where all nationalities were welcome (though you wouldn't have known it form the horrible treatment ALL races have gotten in this country from it's inception.)

    The american government and constitution are so hypocritical to popular opinion that i am surprised people are so blind in not realizing it needs to be destroyed and rebuilt from scratch.Of course Anarchsim is how I would prefer it...

    Shit, maybe all the white racist people will leave once they realize that non whites are a growing minority and it's not ever going to change, but they will become even more of a minority over time. I'm sure there's plenty of room for their sorry asses in antarctica... they can have a white homeland there that is actually the color white too :)