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Hex - Poison In The System Demo - 1985 (UK)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by David_Dekline, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Feb 15, 2010


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    Track List:

    1. Is This To Be
    2. The No Fairytale Ending
    3. The Meat On Your Plate
    4. Wrapped In Bondage
    5. As Others See It

    Hex Biography

    Hex may refer to one of several bands:
    1) Hex is a Slovak pop rock group, founded in 1989 in Bratislava with Peter Ďuďo Dudák (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Thomas Yxo Dohňanský (bass guitar, vocals), Jozef Joshka Juřička (keyboards), Peter Slameň (percussion ) Martin Fefe Žúži (guitar).http://www.hex.sk/
    The group became known to the media after it took producer Martin Sarvas and the issue maxisinglu song "Good Butterfly" in music publishing Monitor EMI, which has become, along with video clips thanks to its hranosti first hit in the media group.

    Skupina začala byť mediálne známa po tom ako sa jej ujal producent Martin Sarvaš a po vydaní maxisinglu piesne "Dobrý motýľ" u hudobného vydavateľstva Monitor EMI , ktorý sa stal spolu s videoklipom vďaka svojej hranosti v médiách prvým hitom skupiny.

    Zostava/ Line-up

    * Peter "Ďuďo" Dudák - spev, gitara, klávesy Peter "Dudo" piper - vocals, guitar, keyboards
    * Tomáš "Yxo" Dohňanský - basa Tomas' Yxo "Dohňanský - basa
    * Martin "Fefe" Žúži - sólo gitara, texty Martin "Fefe" narrow - solo guitar, lyrics
    * Tibor "Tybyke" Szabados - bicie, vokály Tibor "Tybyke" Szabados - drums, vocals

    Former members:

    * Martin Čorej - klávesy Martin Čorej - keyboards
    * Jožko Juríčka - klávesy Joshka Juřička - keyboards

    Diskografia /] Discography

    Albumy / Albums

    * Ježiš Kristus nosí krátke nohavice (október 1992) Jesus Christ wearing shorts (October 1992)
    * Abrakadabra (september 1993) - EP album coveverzií slovenských hitov z rokov 1968-69 Abrakadabra (September 1993) - EP album coveverzií Slovak hits from the years 1968-69
    * Hex (december 1994) Hex (December 1994)
    * Ultrapop (máj 1997) Ultrapop (May 1997)
    * Supermarket (apríl 1999) Supermarket (April 1999)
    * Víkend (november 2002) Weekend (November 2002)
    * Nikdy nebolo lepšie (máj 2006) Never Been Better (May 2006)

    Výbery a kompilácie/Withdrawals and compilations

    * Všetko čo mám rád (2000) All what I like (2000)
    * Hex 1990 - 1995 (2006) Hex 1990 - 1995 (2006)
    * Hex 1996 - 2000 (2006) Hex 1996 - 2000 (2006)


    * Cesta z mesta (2007) Traveling from the City (2007)

    2) UK 80's anarcho punk band similar to dark moody sound of the anarcho bands like The Mob or Zounds

    3) The collaboration between multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, producer Steve Kilbey, better known as singer, frontman and bassplayer in The Church, and singer, musician Donnette Thayer, formerly from californian band Game Theory.
    They released 2 albums:
    *Hex (1989)
    *Vast Halos (1990)

    Check out Hex in the left menu, for detailed info on all releases and the song lyrics, in the side-project section of the online discography of The Church.

    4) Hex is also the name of a underground artist from Pennsylvania and former member of L.U Cipha

    5) Chaotic hardcore five-piece hailing from Peterborough, UK. Having formed in 2008 and released several demos alongside a self-titled debut EP followed by a second EP entitled 'Left Hand Path', Hex have firmly established themselves as a top contender in the UK hardcore scene having already supported bands such as This Is Hell, Grave Maker, Outbreak, The Legacy, Gold Kids, etc. with crushingly dark riffs accompanied by harsh, aggressive vocals to complete a powerful and energetic performance.

    Having released 'Left Hand Path' and first music video, for 'Leviathan', Sam Gollings left the band to concentrate on his education, to which Hex recruited ex-Shores bassit, Luke Porter, to fill his role, bringing with him passion, experience and a brand new fanbase. With this, Hex had a defined line-up and began to play shows to a wider audience and around the UK.

    24th June 2010 saw Hex self-release their debut album, 'Be Cold, Be Dark, Be Damned', and second music video for their song 'Sore', created, released and promoted by Creative Junkie Media.

    Ben Rollings - Vocals
    Stephen Pickles - Guitar
    Luke Porter - Guitar
    Sam Holmes - Bass
    Karl Pickles - Drums

    Former members are:
    Mark Breed - Bass
    Sam Gollings - Guitar

    5) A Drum & Bass duo from the UK:
    Hex is Robert Pepperell & Miles Visman.
    Discography at Discogs

    6) The Scottish gothic-bluegrass band formed c.1990 from the remnants of Swamptrash and before Bongshang

    7) A Baltimore based ambient noise/drone project by Jessie Griffin.

    8) Hex are Crossover electro-punk group from Slovenia who loves shaking crowd. We try to implement early metal and punk feel in new genres like drum'n'bass, dubstep and electro. Electro - drum'n'bass - punks who love art, high volume and adrenaline presence. www.hexband.com

    9) Hex - dream pop | synth pop band from US. Formed 1988, disbanded 1990.
    Members: Steve Kilbey (guitar), Donnette Thayer (vocals). They released two albums:
    Hex [1989] Hex [First Warning Records]
    Hex [1990] Vast Halos [Rykodisc]

    10) New Zealand proto folk rock group.

    11) hex. (in small caps with period) is an alternative rock band from Eindhoven, The Netherlands formed in 2016. The band's eclectic style ranges from dream pop to hardcore punk. In November 2018, the formation self-produced and released their first singles, DEAD BOYS and MARCH 3RD, followed by their punk-infused one-off single PERISH SONG.

    12) A Doom Death Metal band from Basque Country ( Spain ) formed in 2012.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.



    Horkýže Slíže

    Richard Müller

    Le Payaco

    František Krištof Veselý
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    Jan 13, 2011
    Re: Hex - Poison In The System Demo - 198? (UK)

    This is Hex, a Uk band from Sunderland. Members went onto HDQ , Leatherface & the Cockney Rejects!
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    Nov 29, 2011
    Re: Hex - Poison In The System Demo - 198? (UK)

    Hex Poison In The System was Hex first demo recorded in 1985 band members were Pikey Golly Cas Lainey Cubby Dickie Hammond
    Hex released two split singles on Words of Warning and recorded 5 demos in toal before disbanding in 1989.
    Golly Dickie and Lainey went on to form HDQ while Dickie and Lainey also formed Leatherface.
    Pikey and Golly also ran the Bunker in Sunderland.
    Pikey went on to work for various bands as a merch seller /roadie/tour manager for HDQ,Leatherface,China Drum,Snuff, Smash.
    Dickie and Pikey also ran Truncheon Music Releasing singles and an album from Doctor Bison

    Pikey November 2011
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    Jan 3, 2012
    Re: Hex - Poison In The System Demo - 198? (UK)

    why the fuck do people put them multi-band descriptions when you can easily post the correct one?
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    Re: Hex - Poison In The System Demo - 198? (UK)

    Because they don't fucking post them, they fucking show up fucking automatically, because we're fucking linked up to fucking last fm. and when you fucking type in the fucking bands name it fucking shows every fucking band with that fucking name it fucking knows about.... :lmao:
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    Nov 29, 2011
    Squabblez this is the correct info on the band,some people like to know what certain members of various bands got up to when that certain band broke up and that is the info I have posted, and it is correct as I was a member of Hex
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    Mar 6, 2018
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