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Headache - Recusant - Split tape - 1993 (UK/France)

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    Track List:

    01. Headache - Sarcastic Unity Song
    02. Headache - Heritage From The Past
    03. Headache - Drop Dead
    04. Headache - Shit
    05. Recusant - Caged
    05. Recusant - Fuck The Criminal Justice Bill

    Headache Biography

    More than one Headache exists...

    1) Headache (stylised in all caps) is the neo-soul solo project of former Lower Than Atlantis frontman Mike Duce. His debut single 'broke' was released on March 26th 2020. Duce's deput EP 'Food For Thwart' was released on 10th July 2020.

    2) UK '77 punk band Headache allegedly formed some years earlier and like a lot of other bands of the time claimed they were playing new wave style music long before it became know as new wave! Headache were actually The Electrodes up until the release of their only single record. They performed regularly on Tuesday nights at the Greyhound pub in Chadwell heath for a few months mid 1977.They were supported by local bands the Losers and Wasted and on one or two occasions the Sockets who went on to be the Purple Hearts. Headache also played the usual punk palaces like the ‘Roxy’ and ‘Vortex’ in London's’ Soho district all through ’77, playing with bands such as, Raped, Bethnal, Merger, Mean Streets, and Crocodile.
    In November ’77 they released a single ‘I Can’t Stand Still’ / ‘No Reason For Your Call’ on the independent Lout Records.
    They later went on to be associated with Crass, changing their name to Lack Of Knowledge. They did nothing else and split up at the beginning of 1978.

    3) Headache existed in various forms during the mid 90’s, wreaking havoc all around Europe during countless road treks and assaults on small villages in England. This small tribe of disheveled mental patients began conducting their own MK Ultra experiments in Leeds, using cheap ass white cider, gluebags and instructions from their mentor, Douglas Barnaby Hurdle, backed with their own hybrid mix of thrash, street punk, psych rock, and Manowar worship.

    4) Aki Nousiainen aka Headache is a Finnish hardcore techno, breakcore and speedcore producer. He has released tracks on the Dutch labels Ketacore Records and Neurotic Waste as well as on the Finnish netlabel Kovaydin Vastarinta.

    5) Headache is a Punk/Hardcore band from Long Island, New York.

    6) Headache is a Powerviolence band from San Antonio, Texas.

    7) Headache was a one-off act fronted by Madeira, Portugal native Luís Jardim, which performed in the 1981 edition of A Song for Europe (Britain's Eurovision qualifier). Their contribution, "Not Without Your Ticket (Don't Go)", placed 7th out of eight candidates; Bucks Fizz went on to win that year (both at this event and at Eurovision itself).

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.


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