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Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by manvsmaritoni, Mar 16, 2010.

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    Mar 12, 2010
    i am justin. i live in san diego. i am in a little band called manvsman, an attempt at anarcho though sometimes im not sure what youd call it musically. i sometimes do food not bombs, show promotion/production, and the occasional protest. apathy keeps me down all too often. i seek to kill that side of myself in order to let my qualities flourish and spread. im a pyrate punk supporter and enjoy helping at shows sometimes. i listen to a wide range of music. as far as anarcho goes, crass and conflict of course. to get a little more obscure, omega tribe, karma sutra, the apostles, liberty, lost cherrees, flowers in the dustbin, amebix, the mob, the cravats, anarka and poppy, and old chumbawamba are among my favoret bands covered in THE DAY THE COUNTRY DIED, by ian glasper, a book that has been a key source in my ongoing search for music that speaks to my mind and soul. i despise the corperatocrasy with every bit of my tiring being. i identify as an anarchist. i recognize everyone has their own definitions of many words, anarchy being one of them, so you might call me something else. i think classifications/titles are supposed to make ideas easier to express, so i think its a bit pointless to argue over the meaning of a word. better to explain yourself in different words your listener can understand. speak to others in their language, not your own. of course this is not always so easy......

    looking forward to learning how to speak some of your languages!