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greetings from chicago

Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by killcorporate, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. killcorporate

    killcorporateMember New Member




    Mar 8, 2011
    lets get this over with i guess, i grew up in the san fransisco bay area and moved out to chicago when i was 16, i'm 18 now. i tried to live the american life, i got a job and everything but i'm not cut out for this shit. i'm tired of dealing with the corruption, greed, and absence of respect and dignity corporations have to offer. it was never my intentions, but i feel you can't destroy shit in a company from the inside, you will either begin to blindly believe their way of life is right or you will get fucked before you can accomplish shit. i believe unless your really fucking lucky, your gonna die in the economic class you were born into. i really fucking hate where i live, everybody is rascist, homophobic, and are the type of people who think its cool to draw swastikas on the bathroom wall and yell white power. i tried living the status quo but apple pie and police state isn't for me. i feel the only way i can function in society without suicide is to live directly as an anarchist. i want no fucking part of a corporation or anything, i want to live off of self-sufficiency and self-management. i'm joining this community in order to learn how to do so.

    also on a final note, i was transferred to the south suburbs of chicago because of my "shitty grades and shitty attitude" i was showing out in california. i'm fucking DESPERATE to find a scene and decent venues out here. i have met "punks" out here, but when i asked if they wanted to drink beer and go to a show sometime they just wanted to go to the mall and shop at hot topic...and in regard to venues i appreciate the help and all but don't reccomend me venues that i won't be able to be piss drunk in and wont be bloody or bruised at the end of the show..thanks

  2. JackNegativity

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Welcome :)

    We have some members (and if I'm not mistaken a few mods) from Chicago that can help you out with where to go for shows etc. I'm sure they'll post here, as our little online anarcho-community are happy to help.

    I think they have an annual crust fest out there.
  3. SurgeryXdisaster

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Hey I'm from chicago as well
    My band has a show in Plainfield this friday, but alas it's a pretty shitty venue (they charge to get in)
    I dunno if you're allowed to drink there but we will be doing so anyways
    Check out the link in my signature if you're interested and go to SHOWS

    Some other underground bands you should check out:
    Decay After Death
    Corpse Gas
    Poor Choice (and Buff Shit)
    Pervert Preachers

    Subhumans and MDC are coming in april for $12
    I'm sure you'll get familiar with The Infected too