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good vs evil

Discussion in 'Anarchism and radical activism' started by shabbashabba, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. shabbashabba

    shabbashabbaMember Forum Member




    Sep 19, 2011
    i wrote this a while back as a diatribe against my hometown. opinions?

    cataclysmic shifts in my consciousness are causing me to analyze our society (that known as montgomery county, md) and prove its imminent demise. pardon me while i elaborate on a few things i hold to be truisms that our society is completely alien to (one supposedly not so much)...


    to desire anything... be it love, friendship, time, knowledge, money, status, or even a juicebox to quench one's thirst gives the mind (as in the human psyche as in that through which we perceive our reality ) things to worry about because they require time, energy and most of the things the average human being just trying to survive needs to survive. this would appear to be an evolutionary mechanism. the mind must invent things to worry about so that it enters the forefront of concerns. In the harsh state of nature of tens of thousands of years ago this was an exceptionally important necessity. if one did not worry, he or she would be dead. as humans "grew" into our lovely modern day civilization such concerns became "primitive" and the average human being began to worry about "bigger" things... things like money, power and bitches...

    the three things i could care less about are the three things that my society seems to throw at me as some sort of bait on a stick as to why i should care about life. they are the endgoals of succeeding in the "republic" known as the "united states of america (this is a perception acquired by countless hours of absorbing pop culture and is one of 6 bil + other perceptions). MOST OTHER PERCEPTIONS SEEM TO BE OF THE OVERARCHING BELIEF SYSTEM THAT INVESTING IN THE SYSTEM SERVES SOME IMPORTANT FUNCTION...

    what could that be??

    moving on...


    I believe in a concept known as the comfort zone. it is the mental state in which you feel COMFORTABLE. where it makes the most sense to just CHILL OUT and NOT WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING... It might be seen as another evolutionary adaptation of the human psyche. i mean... if we were worrying all the time... life would suck!

    now problematically... and to draw on more observations acquired by way of observing the people of bethesda this summer it appears to me that this is the mental state advocated by MOST HUMAN BEINGS. "Human beings" that drives mescalades around, kill the earth, and spend money heedlessly simply to guarantee the continued state of being known as the comfort zone known as chill known as .... existence.

    money acquired and spent on needless DESIRES like the aforementioned mescalades simply guarantees a state of being that has no highs and lows... it simply exists.

    UNFORTUNATELY FOR THESE CHILDREN... as i see it the only way to grow as a human being is to push one's comfort zone. to slip out of the gray area known as existence and enter the realm of unexplored reality known as THE UN-COMFORTABLE ZONE... this is a zone where fear, if one trains the mind to recognize it, creeps in like the muthafuckin plague. now a zen twist on this is that our society is the actual plague -- i'm just taking my time reaching this conclusion.

    UNBEKNOWNST to the average fool there exists a third ring outside the UN-COMFORTABLE ZONE. It's called panic. it's called ego-death. it's called ABSOLUTE FEAR. and boy is it a monster.

    so why is it necessary to invest in this society????

    moving on...


    i am gonna go out on a limb to elaborate on a concept invented by some dead greek dude with YEEEAAAARRRRS of experience on me. i mean he's been dead for ages

    some people of the zombie capitol of the world known as dc experienced a taste of the panic zone this past tuesday when we were struck by an earthquake.

    from firsthand reports i learned that as people evacuated in a frantic haste they actually grew closer. shared their fears and insecurities as they wore them right across their smirking faces.

    they tried their hand at soul-to-soul communication, a lost art in our obsessively capitalist culture.

    unfortunately, fear as the average human understands it is just another survival instinct.

    THIS IS WRONG. fear is emotion to be conquered. if we didn't conquer it we might live in a state of perpetual panic of imminent demise by terrorist threa.... OH SHIT!! ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT'S WHAT WE'RE DOING RIGHT NOW?? ARE WE ACTUALLY INVOLVED IN A WAR ON TERROR?? man i didn't even know it...

    unfortunately... we don't even think about terrorism. we take it for granted because it is a given. it is what the government has told us we ought to be afraid of so we choose not to use our brains to look past what very well could amount to a giant trap set for the human instinct known as fear...

    continuing this point... if to do something without reason is to be ignorant... and our society is currently engaged in a giant COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY UNREASONABLE FUCKING FEAR TRAP... ONE WHICH HAS NO BASIS IN REALITY GIVEN THE ABSENCE OF A SERIOUS TERRORIST THREAT ON AMERICAN SOIL FOR NEARLY A DECADE... then our fearful tearful effeminate childish society is currently the most ignorant in the world.

    a presence that would appear to emanate strongest from the shithole known as moco.

    4. THESIS where i explain why investing in this society is completely unnecessary... evil in fact...

    so if my logic has followed any logical curve so far we should be reaching the point where i prove that montgomery county is the most evil place in the world...

    if one removes money, time, love, school, religion, forces of nature and all the other stuff we're given on a run-of-the-mill day to care about and that i will now label as unimportant, seconday, trivial and banal, one might notice that acquiring money such as the wont of this civilization i live in seems to be, FOR THE PURPOSE OF KEEPING ONE INSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE, and thus not allowing the mind to explore what very well might be termed THE TRUTH this civilization is bent on one goal : preserving ignorance.



    MONTGOMERY COUNTY IS MERELY THE PLACE WHERE THE ONE TRUE EVIL CHOOSES TO "CHILL" and hence stay inside its comfort zone for longer.


    1) to go to work day in day out for no other purpose than preserving "the system" is to perpetuate an essentially endless cycle of money greed power desire and death....

    2) to free oneself from "the system" is to envision a higher plane of reality... one that this society might inadvertently term "anarchy"

    3) anarchy would make a nice lifestyle choice for someone interested in "truth" and "being a good person"

    not an evil one

  2. skulldrix

    skulldrixExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Jul 9, 2011
    I think "civilized" in general is EVIil.

    Think of it this way, we always call people who are uncivilized savage. The the opposite of civilization is savagery.

    Think again, savagery and primitive are a racist biased term to define indigenous or tribal people.

    Civilization only existed through, slavery, fear, violence and other forms of hatred. Just look at the way things work.
  3. The Youth United

    The Youth UnitedMember New Member




    Oct 11, 2011
    You mentioned a lot of the main Buddhist ideals, which i like. But the thing is, if you continue to live in this society you still need food, it is one of the desires that causes suffering but you still need it, and in america you need money to get food. You need to work to get money. This leaves you with an ultimatum, work for the system, destroy the system, or die.
  4. nike

    nikeExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Jun 19, 2011
    someone was mean to me today, bad things in the news too and i had some itching between my ears:

    gobbledigooks is digooksgobble, gooksdigobble, gobdigblegooks and oksgobdigble, because blegobdigooks is bobdopdigob.
    all that relevance in one catchy line, easy to memorize, damned stylish and of course justified by a higher authority and the makeup stories meant to keep us poor easy to impressible post-modern sufferers in line, happy and busy too.

    i wonder, what happened before i started screaming because of desire and made my mom suffer the evils of breastfeeding?
    ayess, my parents desired a little fun - resulting in my siring - so sex and procreation is causing suffering -got an idea:
    lets go to a temple, dress up funny and all in yellow and orange, start telling people lots of catchy one liners to make some strong impression to make them feed us - and lets hope that they never find out that it's all about sex and make up stories.
    may the nirvana be with you!
  5. vAsSiLy77

    vAsSiLy77Experienced Member Uploader Experienced member Forum Member




    Jun 21, 2010
    former jesuit student on fresh air? you sound like an vatican analyst, only the vocabulary is bit different here and there, but the overall conceptual maturity of the professionals is definitely of better quality.
    bit boring to see the next cataclysmic shift brings out the next copy version of the childish masses destroying the world because of ignorance apathy and evil of civilisation - guess you enjoy your comfort zone created by the childrens work?
    what about removing all your unimportant fancy stuff, start doing something about your ignorance by living the childish masses life and find out something like:
    and even if you destroy the system schlaraffia won't materialize over night, and the damned anarchists may come up with this uncool "from each according to ability..." - thing - oh yes, suffering...

    or take at least sly Nike Mihailowna as an example: short, dead funny and as relevant as your shabablabla:
  6. nike

    nikeExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Jun 19, 2011
    gobbledigooks is digooksgobble, gooksdigobble, gobdigblegooks and oksgobdigble, because blegobdigooks is bobdopdigob!
  7. An_individual_again

    An_individual_againNew Member New Member




    Aug 15, 2012
    Great post, I found it really inspiring.
    It's true.... Being a savage is being released from your need to conform. People will see you as unpredictable, some people will avoid you for it. But is still better than being imprisoned by societies norms and regulations. Surely if anarchy would be real there would still be crime, but at least people could make their own choices without being judged for it.
  8. Dylan Equality

    Dylan EqualityMember New Member




    Aug 14, 2012
     United States
    Take it further. It goes further. There is no good. There is no evil. These are illusions of separateness put on by our ego mind after "it" decided to dominate it's surrounding (roughly around the same time as when "civilization" began to flourish. Coincidence?) There is no evil in the universe just the ego-mind creating the mirage of evil so gooblidigook it is. I feel everything you're saying. I'm not fucking enlightened. I'll never be a zen master but self-realization is as addictive as the desires my Americunt Christard society deems valuable. And trust me I know how you feel, it can get real lonely having very few around me either knowing what they're talking about or actually caring enough to do something. But I know I'm not completely alone. For fucks sake they found the Higgs Boson. That took a great leap of faith, determination, intelligence, and heart. Those physicists understand what they have unleashed and are just waiting for everyone else to catch up. Hopefully when society does, the cross and church along with the capitalism that fuels it will be taken down as their evolutionary mind rises up, opens, hopefully dissolves the ego's dominance, and they finally realize all their useless shit means absolutely nothing if you can't just look around and go "Holy shit this is fucking weird. Wow. Gobdobgoodidog."
  9. punkmar77

    punkmar77Experienced Member Staff Member Uploader Admin Team Experienced member




    Nov 13, 2009
     United States
    Please don't use sexist words like c*nt in this forum..
  10. Dylan Equality

    Dylan EqualityMember New Member




    Aug 14, 2012
     United States
    My bad. Stole the word from a Afghan friend and never even thought about it.