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Giving money to EZLN & Zapatistas ! (No-Gods-No-Masters.com announcement)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ungovernable, Jan 6, 2014.

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    To celebrate EZLN’s 20th birthday, No-Gods-No-Masters.com decided to give all income from the sales of our Zapatista t-shirts to the EZLN through the organisation “Schools For Chiapas“ that builds autonomous schools in Chiapas’ zapatista communities. The organisation also invest in zapatista health care system as well as organic agriculture in Chiapas, which is threatened by GMO contamination. “Schools For Chiapas” also organises travels to Chiapas to send help to zapatista communities.

    Since the sums of the donations will depend on the number of the t-shirts sales, it is currently impossible to estimate how much money will be donated by No-Gods-No-Masters.com. We will post an update with more details as soon as we complete our next balance sheet.

    According to “Schools For Chiapas” :
    - $10 puts a dictionary AND songbook in a classroom.
    - $25 grows 10 fruit & rainforest trees in a nursery.
    - $35 buys seeds & tools for a school garden.
    - $60 test 48 corn plants for GMO contaminations.
    - $100 installs one blackboard. $5 more buys chalk.
    - $120 ($10/mo) basic supplies in one classroom.
    - $360 ($30/mo) trains a women’s health promoter.
    - $600 ($50/mo) supports a Mayan teacher.
    - $7,500 builds a small school. $750 more buys desks.

    January 1st 2014 marks the 20th birthday of the EZLN, the autonomous zapatist army derived from the 1994 Chiapas insurrection. In 20 years, the zapatista movement has built over 32 self-managed municipalities where power was given to the people.
    The zapatistas has brought many important social gains to the Chiapas people: autonomy, security, freedom, mutual aid, free education, free healthcare system, direct democracy, etc. Today, it still represents one of the best modern examples of anarchism in action.


    EZLN & Zapatistas t-shirts :
    https://www.no-gods-no-masters.com/t-sh ... es-C84731/

    To make a donation to “Schools For Chiapas” or to learn more about the organisation, visit their official website: http://www.schoolsforchiapas.org/
    - See more at: http://no-gods-no-masters.com/blog/dona ... OYKVY.dpuf