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G.A.S.H - The Lesson EP (1986)

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    01 - The Lesson.mp3
    02 - World Turmoil.mp3
    03 - Wasted Lives.mp3
    04 - All That Shit.mp3


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    The Lesson
    Release Date : 1986

    Liz on guitar and vocals this time. Vera still on bass and Smeer (Depression) on drums. Lyrics printed on back of sleeve.

    G.A.S.H Biography

    Gash came onto the Australian punk scene in 1985. Based in Melbourne on the East Coast of Victoria, the band consisted three women and one man, an odd pairing for the typically male dominated scene. Gash released an initial cassette in November of 1985 on the Hardcore House tape label belonging to [a=Smeer] (Gash drummer, also of [a=Depression (2)] and Liz (guitar, also Depression manager). Following decent reviews, the band approached Phil Macdougall from Reactor Records about releasing a 12". Gash supplied the tapes and the artwork, while Phil paid for the manufacturing. What resulted was 1986's G.A.S.H. LP, 16 tracks of stinging hardcore with a metallic edge. In September of the same year, Reactor released the God is Dead EP to help promote the album. The single sold out its 500 print run and was not re-pressed.

    The G.A.S.H. album was released in the UK on Rough Trade records in the late 80's. Depression and Gash also split a 12" on American label [l=Flipside (US)]. Throughout the late 80's, Gash, along with Depression, complained of lack of royalties and money from the labels they dealt with, such as [l=Metal Blade Records], Flipside and the US arm of [l=Rough Trade]. Later in their lifespan, Gash moved (along with Depression) to "deal" with [l=Cleopatra ] records. The band released an LP and an EP on the label, and both were much more metal orientated in their sound.

    The early Gash material is often revered as some of the best female-fronted hardcore/punk not only in Australia, but very much throughout the world.

    Band members: Smeer, Vera (6), Anna (37), Liz (16)

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Cleopatra Records (2)

    Small independent label from Australia during the 1980's. Now defunct.
    Also shown as bCleopatra Releases/b.

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