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Funeral Dress - Global Warning - 2009 (Belgium)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Sick Boy 77, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Track List:

    01. Renegade Generation
    02. California
    03. Belgium's Burning
    04. Reel Radio
    05. United
    06. All For One
    07. Global Warning
    08. Never Forever
    09. Boyfriend
    10. Angel Suicide
    11. Long Tall Sally
    12. Raise Your Glass
    13. CBGB's
    14. Burn 'Em Down (Abrasive Wheels)


    Global Warning
    Release Date : 2009

    Recorded at De-Studio (Asse, Belgium) December 2008.Each copy is individually numbered and the pressing is limited to 1000 copies with 600 on black wax. There are 150 copies on a-side/b-side transparent yellow with transparent orange along with solid red splatter and 250 copies with half black and half yellow.

    Funeral Dress Biography

    Oi! punk band from Belgium, formed in 1985

    Band members: Dirk Peeters (2), Stefaan Arbyn, Strum (2), Joost (11)
    Band ex-members: , Dirk (3), The Frie, Ben (209), Murf (5), Kris (73), Dirk De Weerdt, Ivo Michiels (2), Eric (194), Mario van Den Bergh, Frenchy (15)

    Funeral Dress- Sing along Pogo Punk!
    What began in 1985 as an effort to bring some life in the almost dead Belgian punkscene has evolved into one of the longest lasting bands in their genre. 7 studio albums, 1 dvd, 10 US Tours, tons of shows around Europe, and they 're still here.
    Late 1986, early '87 Funeral dress recorded 5 songs for a demo and released their first single "army life". It was a very basic 4-track recording but it layed out the groundworks for numerous future releases. After this release the band got more and more gigs and started to build up a following. In 1990 they released their first full-length album 'Free Beer For The Punx '. This album contains some classics, such as Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll, The pogo never stops, I'm in love with OI and the sing-a-long title track.
    During the nineties, they played more and bigger shows with bands like GBH, The Exploited, Sham 69, X Ray Spex and many more. They also released their 2nd album " Songs about sex, beer and punkrock" and did their first us tour in 1998.
    In 2000 they launched their 3rd album 'party Political Bullshit' followed by another us tour with their good friends The Casualties, The Virus and Endless Struggle. In 2001 their 4th studio album ' A way of life' got released, Promoted by numerous gigs all over Europe and another US Tour in 2002.

    By the end of 2002 some new members joined the band. This line up proved to be the most productive ever and is still together 11 years later. The first single off the new line up "Party On" became an instant hit on Belgium's national radio and stayed in the charts for 18 weeks. Ensuring them lots of gigs all over Belgium, Europe, Russia and the USA. (Shared the stage with Simple minds, Deep purple, and many more) From 2002 on the current line up released 3 studio Albums: 'Come On Follow' (2004), 'Hello From The Underground' (2006) and 'Global Warning' (2009). They Made an appearance in 2 movies: 'Ex Drummer' and 'Punk's not dead the movie' and reached the Belgian charts several times after 'Party on(. In 2013 they will release their 8th studio album.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Joe Pogo Records

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