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Fuck the 4-skins! Boycott em'

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by SurgeryXdisaster, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. nclpw

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    May 25, 2012
    oh there ya go!
  2. Spike one of many

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    Aug 14, 2012
     South Africa
    Re: Does anybody know...

    I always thought it was Slime :o
  3. Fork Me

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    Jun 26, 2013
    OK, I realise this is an old thread, and I haven't even read it all so I may repeat some stuff, but I've met a lot of anarchist skins and redskins over the years, I've put on some of their bands (as a promoter) and I've had them as regulars in punk/rock club nights I've run in the past.

    You have to understand the background of the skinhead subculture. Skinhead started in the 60s, on council estates (working class areas for non-Brits) in London, some say by dejected mods. 60s council estates were tough places to live, mod was being taken over by the hippy movement and on the drugs scene (which was huge at the time) speed was being replaced by acid. Speed keeps you alert, acid makes you vulnerable. The middle class hippy values were alien to working class youth in London tower blocks, so the skinhead culture started. Like the mods, skinheads dressed smart, the close cropped head was aggressive, smart and easy to manage. The early skins used to frequent reggae clubs and were probably, out of all the predominantly white youth movements, the most integrated with the West Indian immigrants for this reason. So much so that Jamaican ska bands started making music aimed at the London skinhead audience. Even some big names like Desmond Dekker made it in the UK on that basis. Jamaican artists were making records with titles like "Brixton Cat", "Skinheads a-Bash Them", "Skinhead, A Message To You" and probably most famously, "Skinhead Moonstomp" by Symarip. Early skinheads weren't political at all, they were too busy struggling to earn a living and stay alive on tough estates.

    The right wing racist side to the movement didn't really start until the 1970s when the National Front scum started infiltrating football grounds. Skinheads tended to be working class and some of them found the far right appealed to them. But don't forget that the British ska revival in the late 70s/early 80s lead by mixed race group, The Specials was also a predominantly skinhead scene. Even the most commercial of the bands, Madness were named after a Prince Buster song (and their hit The Prince was a tribute to him).

    In the UK, where Skinhead was born, right wing racist skinheads have always been outnumbered by a mixture of left wing skins, anarcho skins and politically neutral (in some cases, "couldn't give a toss about politics") skins.
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    I asked this question on the thread of people banned for trolling, but, for some reason, it got deleted, and never answered so I'm going to ask the question again and hope I get a response. I am not trolling, and this is a serious inquiry that I would like a proper answer to.


    Either way, I think some of the things in this post are, at the very least fence sitting, at worst ignorant.

    Another question I asked, but was not answered is were these people or this person banned from here? Considering some of the things said in this post, I would not think they would be welcome here, and, especially in the light of their song Take No More. The lyrics expressed are the same rhetoric Donald Trump espouses about Mexicans, and "Illegal Immigrants." In fact, I'd go so far as to say that trump himself wrote these lyrics, except he changed "Mexicans" to "Gypsies"

    There is more than a touch of xenophobia to these lyrics, and, as somebody who up until this point used to be a 4 Skins fan, I was, and still am quite disappointed that they went in this direction. (I will also confess that up until recently I had no idea that Hodges had a hatred of Pakistanis, nor was I aware that one of the band members joined up with Skrewdriver after the band broke up. These facts have only recently been pointed out to me.)
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    Jan 26, 2020
    Hauts-de-France, France France
    Merci pour le partage des informations
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  6. LordManHammer

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    Dec 13, 2019
    Lantana Floriduh United States
    I think as far as being a fence walker it shows cowardice but that's just me. I don't tolerate that kind of ignorance, no way, no how, I do concede that stuff like white power should be made fun of to the highest degree. If you can't smash em with your fists smash their beliefs and show how stupid their rhetoric is through humor.
    eg https://usofoiofsweden.blogspot.com/2010/02/pink-panzer-hebrewphobia-demo-2004.html
    I hope this isn't going to offend but I do agree with roasting the shit out of Nazi's and this band Pink Panzer does take the piss out of Ian Stuart's singing.
  7. The Hat

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    Looks like an LGBTQ version of Jewdriver, which is another Skrewdriver cover/parody band but the lyrics are changed to celebrate Judaism. As somebody who was raised Jewish, (My mother's side of the family is Jewish, so therefore, I am as well) I'm glad somebody had the nerve to take the piss out of them.

    I am Jewish by birth, but I DON'T support/practice Judaism, and I am especially anti-Zionist, and I DON'T support Israel.

    I also hope I haven't upset anybody or broken any rules by mentioning Jewdriver, and if I have, the moderators are free to delete this if deemed necessary.

    I do agree that humor is a very powerful weapon, and one of the best ways to defeat one's foes is through humor and laughter. (Roger Rabbit was RIGHT!)
  8. punkmar77

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    Nov 13, 2009
     United States
    Guys read the Charter.. you've done absolutely nothing wrong and quit worrying about upsetting anyone as long as it doesn't portend bigotry of any fashion. Cheers