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Fleas And Lice - Prepare For Armagedon

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Fleas And Lice - Prepare For Armagedon
    • 01 - Fleas And Lice - No Confusion No Division.mp3
    • 02 Free World.mp3
    • 03 Don't Say Cunt.mp3
    • 04 Industrial Brutality.mp3
    • 05 Skag.mp3
    • 06 Insane.mp3
    • 07 Prepare For Armageddon.mp3
    • 08 Art Of Death.mp3
    • 09 Take It Back.mp3
    • 10 Never Enough.mp3
    • 11 Fear.mp3


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    Fleas And Lice Biography

    In the beginning of 1993, Maynard, Piet and Robbie decided to start a new band, with the help of Joshua. FLEAS AND LICE was born from the ashes of MUSHROOM ATTACK. In April 1993, Esther joined on vocals. In the beginning of 1995 Oene joined on bass. In 1996 Esther took a break for half a year, and Willy from HIATUS replaced her for the time being. In 1997 Piet got hit by a taxi cab and couldn’t play guitar for 14 months. In 1998 Pelle replaced Maynard on drums. In December 2002 Oene leaves the band and gets replaced by Stiff from Scotland. Jim got added in early 2004 as a second guitarplayer.
    nLyrics are about their life, against the system, capitalism, fascism, animal abuse, meat factories, bloodsport, heroin, and so on.
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.