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Polish (FINLAND) RIISTETYT - 1983-1984

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    (FINLAND) RIISTETYT - 1983-1984

    01 - Protest & Survive.mp3
    02 - Punainen Vaara.mp3
    03 - Yritän Katsoo Huomiseen.mp3
    04 - Kaaosta Tää Maa Kaipaa.mp3
    05 - Poliisivaltio.mp3
    06 - Velvollisuudet.mp3
    07 - Ei Koskaan Enään.mp3
    08 - Paskajalat.mp3
    09 - Vapaa Maa.mp3
    10 - Toimiiko Tää Systeemi.mp3
    11 - Alkaa Luottako Ryssiin.mp3
    12 - Elintilaa.mp3
    13 - Rajotukset.mp3
    14 - Orjuus.mp3
    15 - Vallanvaihto.mp3
    16 - Totaalinen Tuho.mp3
    17 - Painajainen.mp3
    18 - Suur-Suomi.mp3
    19 - Rahaa & Valtaa.mp3
    20 - Orjuutta Vastaan.mp3
    21 - Ihmiset Tappaa Toisiaan.mp3
    22 - Kukaan Ei Välitä.mp3
    23 - Mieletöntä Väkivaltaa.mp3
    24 - Vapaaehtoiset Kuolemaan.mp3
    25 - Kadut On Meidän.mp3
    26 - Revi Persees.mp3
    27 - Sairaus.mp3
    28 - Ala Elämään.mp3
    29 - Skitsofrenia.mp3
    30 - Odotus.mp3
    31 - Rotat.mp3
    32 - Takaa-Ajettu.mp3
    33 - Irtolainen.mp3
    34 - Haluun Kuolemaa.mp3
    35 - Joukkomurha.mp3
    36 - Pyhää Sotaa.mp3
    37 - Tuomiopäivä.mp3
    38 - Avatkaa Silmänne.mp3
    39 - Yön Painajainen.mp3


    Nightmares In Darkness
    Release Date : 1984

    Tracks A1 to A8 recorded in studio. Tracks B1 to B10 recorded live in 1983 @ Puntala-Rock. Poster insert with Riistetyt photo and ROR catalog. Credits corrected for side A, info taken from the official Riistetyt web site: "Actually Rike didn't play guitar on this record, he joined the band several months later. Nappi was in the band, but he wasn't in the studio when this was recorded, so Perr

    RIISTETYT Biography

    A punk/hardcore band from Tampere, Finland, founded in 1981. The band was originally called Cadgers and recorded one split 7" before changing name to Riistetyt.

    Current line-up:
    Lazze (Lateri) - vocals (1981- )
    Vege - guitar (2000- )
    Seve - drums (2016- )

    Band members: Piise, Vege, Lasse Aaltonen
    Band ex-members: , Jallo Lehto, Nappi, Stydy, Timo (5), Raimo (3), Raipe, Perttu, Jukka (3), Risto Jokela, Jaska Ahonen, Mika Vuolle, Kari Wilenius (2)

    Riistetyt was formerly known as the Cadgers before Perry (the guitarist at the time) left and Raipe joined. They changed their name to Riistetyt and released the Laki ja Järjestys in 1982. The line up for that ep was Lateri(vocals), Piise (Bass), Raipe(Guitar) and Stydy (drums). Piise left the band soon after the release of the ep and Perry came back on guitar, as Raipe moved to the bass. Throughout the year they provided tracks on the Propaganda compilation "Russia Bombs Finland" and "Hardcore 83". Around the time of the new year, The band hit the studio to record the Valtion Vankina LP. The LP contained new versions of songs from the previous eps and compilation tracks, as well as about 5 new songs and a Varukers cover. This made it a total of 22 tracks. Soon, Raipe leaves the band and Piise comes back to play bass, Restoring the original line up from the Cadgers split with Kaaos. The band then records the Essential "Skitsofrenia" MLP, widely considered as one of the best records to ever come out of the Finnish Punk scene in the 80s. but soon, Piise and Stydy(the Rhythm section of the band) leave the band leaving Lateri and Perry. They soon recruit Nappi and Jaska of Kaaos, who were not very active at the time on Bass and Drums. This line up Records the "Tumiopäiva" ep which does not see the light of day until 1991 (reasons unknown) soon, Perry joins the army and Bastards guitarist Rike joins. They record the studio Section of the "Nightmares in the Darkness" lp , the live side being from the Puntala Rock set (with the Skitsofrenia line up). Next, the band records the "Raiskattu Tulevaisuus" LP, although Nappi gets fed up with Rike and leaves the band to form Kuolleet Kukat with Jakke (Kaaos). Make and Miki on 2nd Gtr and Bass. The band tours the US but soon afterwards they disband to focus on the "Lords of the New Church" style project called Pyhät Nuket. The style of this new band was very popular in Finland at the time.

    The band Reforms in 1999 with Lateri and Make to Record new songs for the "Preloaded Millenium" compilation CD on Propaganda, and the band officially reforms for the Funeral of the Great Finnish Punk Venue called Leppakko (in Helsinki) where many 80s hardcore bands played shows. The Venue was Destroyed by Nokia after the Funeral gig, Where bands like Kaaos and Riistetyt played. soon the band was active again and released material that was more Hard Hitting and Crust style. They released the Tervetuola Kuolema ep in 2001, then the Kuka Valahtee? LP 2001, Orjat ja Kurjat 10'' in 2003 and the Kahleet EP in 2005. Riistetyt toured Europe, The US and Brazil in this time as well.

    the Current line up is (as of 2009)

    Lateri -Vocals

    Piise - Bass

    Vege- Guitar

    Jukkeli- Drums

    Riistetyt is widely considered one of the BEST Finnish punk bands ever.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Rock-O-Rama Records

    One of the first German punk record labels, founded by Herbert Egoldt, who previously ran the label Big-H.
    Rock-O-Rama Records started as a label releasing punk rock and hardcore bands, mostly from Germany and later also from Finland. The first album by German skinhead band Böhse Onkelz (1984) was indexed by the West German government for sexist and violent content and subsequently banned. Releasing White Power band Skrewdriver's second album, Rock-O-Rama gradually turned into a label for various European White Power and RAC (Rock Against Communism) acts. What had started as a label releasing European punk rock of a generally progressive vein, became rapidly known for radical right-wing (and frequently indexed) releases, being for a long time the most successful and notorious label of its kind. Adding to its notoriety, from early on the label repackaged and reissued material without bands' consent or paying royalties.
    After the the death of Herbert Egoldt in November 2005 the Label was sold & is active again with selling old stock material, re-issues etc..

    Catalogue number system:

    RRR xxx - LPs (1980-1994)
    RCD xxx - CDs (1989-1994)
    RMC xxx - cassettes (1989-1994)
    RRR 1xxx - LPs (2007-present)
    RCD 1xxx - CDs (2007-present)

    Albums rarely, if ever, included lyrics, in order to comply with German law. CD releases, instead of a booklet, contained a double-sided booklet-sized card, with the album art on one side and generic information about the CD format in English, French, German and Italian on the other. Starting from the 1990s, the information panel was replaced with an advertisement for the Rock-O-Rama mail-order service.

    For Rock-O-Rama Records counterfeit releases please use l280696,



    Terveet Kädet


    Mob 47