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FILTH - Demo and Live Songs

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Anxiety69, Oct 20, 2009.

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    Rougher versions (as if it's possible) of songs that would later be on their DESTROY EVERYTHING lp and later The shit Split with Blatz on lookout records.

    Formed in the San Francisco East Bay in 1989, from the ashes of Isocracy, The Vagrants, and Crimpshrine. Filth was a crustcore band that would help define the later “East Bay Hardcore” style. The band combined the more upbeat, sometimes poppy guitar styles of Isocracy’s Lenny Rokk with harsh screamed vocals, courtesy of Crimpshrine roadie, Jake Sayles.

    01 Lust for glory
    02 today's lesson
    03 night of rage
    04 hate
    05 filth
    06 The List
    07 Scarred For Life
    08 Freedom
    09 Today's lesson
    10 Scarred For Life
    11 Filth
    12 Freedom


    Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder: The Life And Crimes Of Gilles De Rais
    Release Date : 2008

    Gatefold sleeve with booklet stapled inside.Bonus Disc Features 10 Rare And Unreleased SongsMixed and mastered at Backstage Studios, Sneapy Hollow, Derbyshire, England, Mars-Juno 2008 E.H."Balsamic And Anathema" and "A Thousand Hands On The Maid Of Ruin" were both recorded at the same time as the album. Story-wise, "Balsamic And Anathema" ties into the album between "Ten Leagues Beneath Con

    FILTH Biography

    A dark/extreme metal band from Suffolk, UK.

    Cradle of Filth was founded in 1991 as part of the second wave black metal genre, but since then band's musical style has evolved into a unique mixture of death, black, gothic and symphonic metal with lyrics and general imagery being heavily influenced by Gothic literature, poetry, mythology and horror films. The exact sub-genre they play in has been somewhat difficult to classify and is often a subject of debate.

    The band has gone through several line-up changes throughout the years and as of 2014 frontman Dani Filth is the only remaining founding member, as well as the only member to stay in the band since its inception.

    Current line-up:
    Dani Filth (Daniel Lloyd Davey) - Vocals (1991 – )
    Marthus (Martin Škaroupka) – Drums, keyboards and orchestrations (2006 – )
    Daniel Firth – Bass (2012 – )
    Richard Shaw - Guitar (2014 – )
    Ashok (Marek Šmerda) – Guitar (2014 – )

    Band members: Daniel Lloyd Davey, Marek Šmerda, Martin Škaroupka, Daniel Firth (2), Richard Shaw (8)
    Band ex-members: , Sarah Jezebel Deva, Martin Powell, Les Smith, Was Sarginson, Adrian Erlandsson, Nicholas Barker, Benjamin Ryan, Paul Allender, Robin Eaglestone, Stuart Anstis, Gian Pyres, Dave Pybus, Paul Ryan (3), Ashley Jurgemeyer, Charles Hedger, James McIlroy, Bryan Hipp, Caroline Campbell (2), Greg Moffitt, Darren (27), Lindsay Anne Matheson, Jon Kennedy (4)

    There are multiple artists with this name.

    1. Formed in the San Francisco East Bay in 1989, from the ashes of Isocracy, the Vagrants, and Crimpshrine. Filth was a hardcore band that would help define the "East Bay hardcore" style. The band combined the more upbeat, sometimes poppy guitar styles of Isocracy's Lenny Rokk with harsh screamed vocals, courtesy of Crimpshrine roadie, Jake Sayles. The rhythm section was composed of an East Bay punks as Mike-o the Psycho, on bass, Jim Gray, a Canadian who temporarily moved to SoCal, on guitar, the more well-known Dave (E.C.) Henwood of the Vagrants. Dave left the band after recording the Live The Chaos 7"(1990) and Toby was brought in to replace him. This line-up recorded a split LP with Blatz, known as the Shit Split(1991), which is now available on CD, containing both bands complete discography via www.alternativetentacles.com, and the This Is Why We Are the Drunks split 7" with Submachine. Toby left the band, and Joey of Blatz stepped in shortly before the band's premature 1991 break-up.

    2. Filth is the Texas noise project of Rob Buttrum.

    3. Filth is a dubstep producer most famous for his remix of Eminem's "'Till I Collapse".

    4. Holland's first wave punk band The Filth, whose tracks appear on Killed By Death comps...

    5.Australian "white trash wankin' grind rock" band, Filth.

    6. Oxford-based UK indie rock trio

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Roadrunner Records

    Label code: LC 9321 / LC 09321. Please use l30552 and/or l261823 if the release credits them. Counterfeits should be attached to l231268.

    Roadrunner Records was founded in the Netherlands in 1980 by a1258936. The label mostly released heavy metal and related genres in Europe during the 1980s, often licensed from other labels. l33088 was used for markets outside of Europe until the end of the 1980s, when the sublabel also started being used in Europe. Roadrunner signed many innovative or controversial metal bands, such as a368784, a261541, a254268, a251933, a346755, a252162, a251799, a251635, a255964 and a34058. During the 1990s, the label changed to become more commercial, which alienated many of their heavy and extreme metal bands.

    Roadrunner became one of the largest independent heavy metal labels until December 18, 2006, when Warner Music Group announced that it had signed a deal to acquire 73.5% of Roadrunner Records for 73.5 million dollars. Acquisition was first completed on January 29, 2007 due to regulatory approval in Germany. In November 2010, Roadrunner Records was fully acquired by WMG. Cees Wessels was CEO of Roadrunner until April 2012, when the Dutch office was shut down. The US office was later moved to the WMG address.

    bInstructions about Intercord cat# on l34268 releases (used since 1990):/b
    In the absence of distribution tag, please use:
    -xxx.xxx or IRS xxx.xxx or D IRS xxx.xxx --> Distributed By - l9749
    -INT xxx.xxx or D INT xxx.xxx --> Distributed By - l71234




    To The Grave


    Black Tongue
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    im very glad you have posted filth , i love filth !!!