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Fanny Pack thing

Discussion in 'D.I.Y. - Creative section' started by spankthemonky, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. spankthemonky

    spankthemonkyMember New Member




    Jul 14, 2014
    I'm sure we've all seen punks wearing them, military-esque fanny packs covered in studs and spikes. I wanted to take a vote on an idea I have, I was thinking about buying some A.L.I.C.E. gear and strapping that to a belt, using that as a fanny pack. my friend suggested buying some canvas and making my own, I wanted to get a general opinion on which would probably come out better. I don't care about which is "more punk" or anything like that, just which one would be a better idea in the long run, both visually and functionally. Thanks in advance.

  2. JolleyPunk

    JolleyPunkActive Member Forum Member




    Aug 5, 2015
     United States
    I know this is super old, but I've made one of my own before and it turned out alright. I'd suggest using really sturdy stuff, also make panels (front, back, right, left, top, bottom, etc) rather than one front piece and one back piece. You end up with a shit pouch kinda thing that doesn't hang right. Its a totally personal opinion kinda thing, I made one out of a tiny leather pouch that turned out okay, the zipper was done already and the faux leather was nice to work with. Making it yourself is way cheaper too, so if you're low on money its a good option. There are tons of options online, they have surplus stuff all over the place on etsy and ebay and shit like that. Look around, see what you like and can afford, and remember to reuse anything. Don't buy it new!!