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Extreme Noise Terror - 2001 - Being And Nothing

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    Extreme Noise Terror - 2001 - Being And Nothing
    • 01. Being And Nothing.mp3
    • 02. Through Mayhem.mp3
    • 03. When Gods Burn.mp3
    • 04. Man Made Hell.mp3
    • 05. Damage Limitation.mp3
    • 06. No Longer As Slaves.mp3
    • 07. One Through Hate.mp3
    • 08. Awakening.mp3
    • 09. Non Believer Genocide.mp3
    • 10. Detestation.mp3


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    Being And Nothing
    Release Date : 2001

    Recorded at Springvale Studios, Ipswich Nov 2000.Gian Pyres appears courtesy of MFN recordsAll tracks published by Abstract Sounds Ltd / Tanglade Music p Tanglade Ltd 2001 © Abstract Sounds / Tanglade Music 2001Catalog # CANDLE057CD printed at the spine. Catalog # candle057cd printed at the disc.

    Extreme Noise Terror Biography

    Extreme Noise Terror (often abbreviated to ENT) are a British extreme metal band formed in Ipswich in 1985

    Phil Vane (vocals), Dean Jones (vocals), Pete Hurley (guitar), Jerry Clay (bass) and 'Pig Killer' (drums) formed Extreme Noise Terror back in 1985 in Ipswich, England as a heavy Hardcore Punk band.
    This lineup released the Radioactive Earslaughter split album with Chaos UK
    Jerry Clay was soon replaced by Mark Gardener (Sarcasm)
    Pig Killer quit and was replaced by Mick Harris (Napalm Death)
    This lineup recorded the 'Holocaust In Your Head' album. however this version was never released as internal disharmony lead to the eviction of Mick Harris - Replaced by Stick (Doom) - The album was re-recorded with the new lineup and released on vinyl
    Mark Gardener was evicted and replaced by Pete Nash (Doom)
    Phil Vane was next to quit and was replaced by Spit
    Spit's stay was short and he was replaced by the returning Vane
    Pete Nash quit and was replaced by Mark Bailey (Filthkick)
    The lineup of Jones/Vane/Hurley/Stick/Bailey proved the most stable in the bands volatile history - Recordings by this lineup included Peel Session No3, Phonophobia, a re-recording of 'Holocaust In Your Head' (Released on CD) plus various tracks recorded for compilation albums

    The collaboration with KLF was the beginning of the end for ENT as a Punk band - During this period ENT stopped working on their own material - When KLF 'retired' ENT had no money to continue and no new material to record - This lead to the band merging with Dean Jones side project Raw Noise - Stick was replaced by Raw Noise drummer (and original ENT drummer) Pig Killer, Ali Firouzbakht joined on lead guitar.

    The style of ENT's music began to change as they attempted to write material which would make money instead of the crust/grind style they were known for - The new material was slower and borrowed heavilly from bands such as GISM, Ministry and Pitch Shifter - The 'Witness To The Persecution' tour of Germany previewed this new style for the first time and was not well received by the fans
    The new sound combined with internal disharmonies lead to the departures firstly of Bailey (replaced by Lee Barrett of Disgust) and later of Hurley (who was not replaced)

    From this point on ENT became a death metal band bearing little resemblence either in style or lineup to it's roots in hardcore punk as members of Cradle of Filth and Napalm Death joined with Extreme Noise Terror to create the reborn group that would release "Damage 381" in in 1997.

    Band members: Dean Jones (2), Ollie Jones (2), Andi Morris, Barney Monger, Ben McCrow
    Band ex-members: , Mick Harris, Mark Gardener (2), Barney Greenway, Zac O'Neil, Was Sarginson, Jerry Clay, Phil Vane, Pete Hurley, Lee Barrett, Pete Nash, Adam Catchpole, Stafford Glover, Mark Bailey (3), John Loughlin, Tony Dickens, Mic Hourihan, Spit (14), Manny Cooke, Paul Woodfield, Al Todd (2), Dazzle Monroe, Chris Casket, Gianpiero Piras

    Extreme Noise Terror, once praised as a crust punk/grindcore band, then known as a death metal/grindcore band, and now again returned to the roots, are from Ipswich, England. Formed in 1985, they are one of the key early UK grindcore bands and are still together today with vocalist Dean Jones as the only original member.

    Notable for their use of dual vocalists and for recording a number of sessions for BBC Radio 1 DJ John peel, Extreme Noise Terror (often abbreviated to ENT) initially started as a hardcore punk band. It became quickly evident from early shows that they were far more extreme than many bands of that genre. Together with Napalm Death, ENT helped characterise the early, archetypal grindcore sound: Fiercely political lyrics, grinding guitars, extremely fast tempo and often very short songs.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Candlelight Records

    UK based metal label. Founded by Lee Barrett, Was sold in 2016 by owners Steve Beatty and Edward Christie to Universal Records.