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Extinction Of Mankind - 1994 - Weakness (EP)

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Extinction Of Mankind - 1994 - Weakness (EP)
    • 01 Weakness.mp3
    • 02 Blood And Tears.mp3
    • 03 Fact Or Fiction.mp3
    • 04 Outro.mp3


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    Release Date : 1994

    Recorded at Fulton Street, Bradford 14 & 15-5-94.Six-panel fold out poster/lyric sleeve with red print on front, back, and poster.

    Extinction Of Mankind Biography

    Crust punk band from the United Kingdom. Formed in 1992.

    Band members: Jim Whitely, Ginny (2), Scoot (2), Tony (47), Ste (3), Mass (26)
    Band ex-members: , Foz (3), Fozzy (3)

    Extinction of Mankind is a UK crust punk band formed in 1992. The original line up consisted of Ste (vocals), Mass (guitar), Fozzy (bass), and Foz (drums). With plenty of practices and gigs under their belt, their first split EP with Warcollapse was released at the end of 1993.

    The next split EP with Doom was released in 1994. The Weakness EP was also released in 1994 and a tour of Europe with Doom was undertaken. After the tour Fozzy left the band to be replaced by Ginny on bass duties, and work on the Baptised in Shit album began. With the album recorded, the band set out on another tour of Europe with Warcollapse in 1995 and the album was released during this tour. 1996 saw another tour of Europe this time with Misery, with Marvin(Varukers) playing bass due to family commitments of Ginny. Around this time a plan to release a split album with Misery surfaced, though it wasn't until quite some time aftert that it ever happened.

    Early 1998 saw the recording of the "Scars of Mankind" EP. Around this time Foz left the band to be replaced by Tony on drums. Then a tour of the UK and Scotland with Wolfpack. After this tour it was decided to go the two guitarist route bringing in Scoot (ex-Largactil, Doom, HK), but things didn't work out and Mass left leaving Scoot sole guitar duties. 1999 brought a tour of Sweden and Norway with Wolfpack and Skitsystem. The end of 1999 saw both E.O.M. and Misery in the studio to record their split album Apocalyptic Crust, finally. 2000 and a tour of the West Coast of the US with Misery was undertaken, although with no sign of the album being put out.

    In 2001, after lots of chasing about and confusion, 2 years after recording, the album finally came out, on CD and two different 12" vinyls. A return to the US to do the East Coast and Canada again with Misery brought that the year to an end. In 2002, the "Ale to England" EP came out, this being 3 years after its recording (these were songs recorded during the Apocalyptic Crust sessions). In 2003 E.O.M. had no tours, but a few UK dates with Bomb Blast Men. The band went into the studio to record their second full length album, which is scheduled to come out in 2008, which would make its release 8 years after its predecessor. In 2004, E.O.M. recorded "The Nightmare Seconds," released by Profane Existence on CD and vinyl in the US.

    Around this time, the band was featured in Issue 27 of Terrorizer magazine. Gigs with Avskum, Broken Bones, Bait, Forca Macabra comprised their European tour. E.O.M. then played the Profane Existence 15th Anniversery bash with Misery, Provoked, Disrespect, Ass and Blackout in Minneapolis. In 2005 they played gigs around the UK including benefits for Stig from Icons of Filth & Wayne from Doom who both sadly passed away, 3 gigs in Finland with the mighty Forca Macabra, Riistetyt, and Unkind, as well as recording two tracks for compilations.

    In April 2006 they went into the studio to record Northern Scum the next full length LP, 2 gigs in italy in may & hopefully a West Coast USA tour at some point.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Skuld Releases

    German DIY punk/crust/thrash/grind label established in 1991. It was run by a1951245 until his accidental death in Spring of 2015. The label released material from a large number of independent bands. Since 2015 Skuld Releases' partner-label Ruin Nation Records continue Skuld Releases' back catalog with permission of selected bands and artist.

    In 1996 they teamed up with Profane Existence (USA) to release a number of co-releases, always using both label names as prefix (EXIST/SKULD, SKULD/EXIST, SKULD-EXIST, SKULD - EXIST or similar). This collaboration ended in 1999.