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Spanish & Portuguese Execradores - Sin Dios - A Luta! Split - 1999 (Brazil/Spain)

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    Track List:


    01. Intro
    02. Espelho
    03. Vida
    04. Dogma
    05. Punk
    06. Carretel De Arame Farpado
    07. Ao Militar
    08. Panis Et Circensis
    09. Subverta
    10. A Dança Do Povo
    11. Questão De Grana
    12. Omissão
    13. Animal Ii
    14. Tabus
    15. Natureza
    16. Alternativo
    17. Força De Vontade

    Sin Dios:

    18. La Idea
    19. Sangre És Dinero
    20. Banderas Negras
    21. Derriba Tus Muros De Insolidariedad
    22. Miseria Y Traición
    23. La Huelga
    24. Casa Okupada, Casa Encantada
    25. La Hogera De La Revolución
    26. 1936, Un Pueblo En Armas
    27. Alerta Antifascista

    Execradores Biography

    Execradores started in the beginning of 1991 in São Paulo with a lot of will of talking about everything that inconvenienced us in this world, to talk about our beliefs and dreams. In the course of time, we began to involve with the anarcho punk movement and we began to develop a lot of things inside this movement.

    A lot of people played in Execradores and everyone in the band has/had their own ideas, develops/developed their works and whenever another person entered the band, we had a new force and we developed new works in- and outside the band. We see Execradores as a group of people with many points in common and also with a lot of respect for differences. We want people to have their individuality respected and don't feel oppressed by the force of the collective.

    ExecradoresWe are an anarcho punk band, with proposals for individual and collective organization, with a lot of criticism to the world in which live in, but also the scene in which we are inserted, because a lot of times, we contemplate many social addictions and we want to break this.

    We are simple people, that believe in anarchism as a form of political and social revolution and we believe in punk as a form of cultural and individual revolution - the revolt in itself.

    We like to do split releases a lot because we believe in the help between bands and we believe that in a cd, a cassette or in a lp, there's a lot of space that can be divided with sincere people that have something in common.

    Another important fact is that our recordings are always distributed at low prices because we don’t believe the movement is a market where people come to make money. We make all of this for love, for believing in what we’re doing. We're against the greed and the high prices for any product, for anything. And especially inside our own scene, we fight against this!

    Our sound doesn't have a definition. We don't play hardcore, punkrock, grindcore... we play what we want, we play our revolt, our hate, we play anarchist and we define ourselves as anarcho punks. We don't limit ourselves to a musical style.

    Today, Execradores is a group of friends with some things in common and work to be developed together. We want to get many contacts with people worldwide, we want to exchange things, to know realities... But please, don't write sexist, homofobic, macho, capitalist, racist...

    Josimas, Paulo & Zorel


    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.



    Discarga Violenta


    Abuso Sonoro

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