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$ETH! (Seth Dockstader) - Akorex B - 2000 (U$A)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Anxiety69, Jun 24, 2011.

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      External download. Please report any broken link by posting a reply to this thread.


    Track List:

    01. Leaf In the Wind
    02. Relocation
    03. In Liberal san Francisco
    04. X Marks the Spot
    05. #
    06. For the Workist
    07. Garden
    08. Radio Is My Bomb
    09. Shut Down The World
    10. #

    Album Liner Notes:
    guitar, vocals, visuals- $ETH!
    percussion- Matt Fitt (mammal)
    turntables- DJ Gossie
    graphics- Breck

    Recorded as an experiment with our own equipment in the spring of 1999 at
    Arrowbear Music Camp. Additional work carried out over that summer.
    Check out more $ETH! stuff @ http://www.mp3.com/SETH ©&®1999 $ETH
    (Link is dead)

    "Blood: even the bulletproof vest wanted a little blood. Knives, guns, even
    automobiles, possessed “energies” that craved blood from time to time. Tacho
    had heard dozens of stories...about people beaten, sometimes even killed, by
    their own brooms or pots and pans. Wise homemakers “feed“ goat or pig blood
    to knives, scissors, and other sharp or dangerous household objects. Even fire
    had to be fed the first bit of dough or fat; otherwise, sooner or later, the fire
    would burn the cook or flare up and catch the kitchen on fire. Airplanes, jets,
    and rockets were already malfunctioning, crashing and exploding. Electricity no
    longer obeyed the white man." -ALMANAC OF THE DEAD - L.M. SILKO

    This was originally conceived as a performance set.
    Although there are individual tracks it is made to
    flow as a continuous piece. Hence the instrument
    breaks and song placement.
    ABOUT THE COVER- The really crappy print job
    was done by US PRINTING in Montclair CA. And is
    their second try!!! The colors are off and it is missing
    clarity and definition of detail. Alter much
    deliberation between quality of product, costs,
    wastes, etc. we are using the covers. They basically
    work. lf you are interested in a “correct” cover send
    in a dollar and one will be sent to you. Also the
    image is on http://www.mp3.com/SETH under artwork.
    (link above is dead)

    $ETH! is Seth Dockstrder, since the info will be wrong, here is something about him

    For the uninitiated, his music is basically anarcho-folk-punk. This album has drums and a turntable DJ on most the tracks, and some spoken word stuff, and great lyrics.

    This is about his death.
    Dockstader, 32, disappeared from his home in Los Angeles, California on October 22, 2003, shortly before a fire broke out in his neighborhood and all its residents were evacuated. Dockstader left behind several letters implying suicide; he had been depressed at the time of his disappearance.

    Dockstader's lower jawbone was found in the Running Springs School Road area in December 2004; it had several intact teeth in it and was identified by dental records. A search of the area turned up several more bone fragments. Dockstader's death is under investigation.


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