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Swedish Electric Funeral - Total Funeral (2019)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Starfighter, Jul 1, 2022.

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Male, 36 years old
    Malmö, Sweden Sweden
    MP3 | CBR 320 kbps | 216 MB

    01 Hellish Afterworld.mp3
    02 End Of All Life.mp3
    03 Next Generation.mp3
    04 Bomb Raid.mp3
    05 D-beat Noise Attack.mp3
    06 Equal Slaves.mp3
    07 Destroy And Rebuild.mp3
    08 Fight Back.mp3
    09 War Face.mp3
    10 Consuming Shit.mp3
    11 Raped System.mp3
    12 Selling Death.mp3
    13 Make A Change.mp3
    14 Nightmares.mp3
    15 Human Error.mp3
    16 Wake Up And React.mp3
    17 Distortion Of Sense.mp3
    18 Winter In The North.mp3
    19 No Masters, No Gods.mp3
    20 Never Give Up.mp3
    21 Killers.mp3
    22 As The World Disappears.mp3
    23 Crash The Pose.mp3
    24 Raised On (Punk) Rock.mp3
    25 Realities Of Hell.mp3
    26 Terror, Pain And Sorrow.mp3
    27 Stagnation Means Death.mp3
    28 Die Hate Cry.mp3
    29 The Truth.mp3
    30 War Is Hell.mp3
    31 Shut Down.mp3
    32 The Face Of War.mp3
    33 Void Of Life.mp3
    34 Abandon By Hope.mp3
    35 What Is Real.mp3
    36 Order From Disorder.mp3
    37 Rewind-Erase.mp3
    38 Queen (Among Angels).mp3
    39 Poisoned Mind.mp3
    40 Never Obey.mp3
    41 Death March.mp3
    42 Revenge.mp3
    43 Make Noise Not War.mp3
    44 Up The Nature.mp3
    45 Worldwide Genocide.mp3
    46 Chemical Lobotomy.mp3
    47 Where The Sun Never Shines.mp3
    48 You Pray To Nothing.mp3
    49 I Am The Dead.mp3
    50 F.O.A.D..mp3
    51 You're Next.mp3
    52 Scorched Earth.mp3
    53 Haunted By Ghosts.mp3


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    Total Funeral
    Release Date : 2014


    Electric Funeral Biography

    1. A killer d-beat noise punk band featuring a member of Warvictims. all 4 demos sold out and are available for download from Distro-y Records.
    Their albums include D-Beat Noise Attack, Make A Change, Gröndalen, In League With Darkness, the D-Beat Noise Attack/Make A Change LP (actually a collection of the first two demos) out on Shogun Records, the Make Noise, Not War EP out on Detonate Records, the Harvester Of Death EP out on Crucificados Records, a split EP with Go Filth Go out on Phobia Records, and a split LP with Krömosom, State Poison and The Helpless out sometime on Crucificados Records.

    2. An Occult Doom/Stoner Rock band from Switzerland.

    Review on Sonidos-Primitivos :
    "Material extracted from Swiss sinks, terribly forgotten among so much moisture and excrescence, yet condemned to remain in the same podredura, because that can save this album, itself rather of brutish troglodytes, must face a terrible recording quality performed in the crudest form during any live performance of the band ... Question I predict that already, do not worry so much addicted to the hustle and bustle, which are only just a few seconds of silence to beginning his martyrdom.

    The references are clear, Sabbath to the bars, made in the way that only a most gifted young talent that could win it, raw, primitive, raw as any title ... In short, the result can already noted, if they dare or if they have heard, I would recommend it, but I do not pay attention, I'm just a guy who does not have primary the perfect orchestral bands like ELP

    As additional data should be aware that the word ''perfective''not in the DRAE and if you have not guessed, these guys take the name of one of the songs from the album Paranoid by Black Sabbath, released the same year in which the recording was made of this plate."

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Southern Lord

    Leading metal label founded by Greg Anderson and a214033 in 1998. Well knowned for releasing experimental, drone, and doom metal projects such as Boris (3), Sunn o))), Earth (2), Weedeater and Goatsnake, Southern Lord also releases death metal, grindcore, hardcore and punk projects.
  2. Starfighter

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Male, 36 years old
    Malmö, Sweden Sweden
    I finally got around to properly record this cassette compilation. I didn't have to clean up the audio at all, even though it's from cassette. Sylen (the guy behind this one man band) is very good at what he does! Here's a photo of my copy!

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