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DOWNLOADS SECTION: Type of bands that are not allowed here

Discussion in 'INFORMATION' started by Anarcho-Punk.net, Aug 8, 2009.

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    Aug 7, 2009
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    Please remember this forum is an anarcho-punk forum, dedicated primarily to the anarcho-punk community.

    Before uploading an album, start by reading the charter of Anarcho-Punk.net and understand our political positions.

    Here is a non-exclusive list of general disallowed bands:

    - Of course white power, racist, and other general trash like that is strictly disallowed.

    - R.A.C. (Rock Against Communism) is a big NO! We do not support this kind of music here for obvious reasons.

    - Be careful when publishing redskin bands. ANARCHO-PUNK.NET do NOT support authoritarian communist ideas. Redskin bands who worship soviet regime and its figures are NOT supported here. This includes (but not limited to) marxism, leninism, stalinism, maoism, trotskism, ...

    - Do not post commercial music, or well known bands like The Casualties or Exploited that you can find on thousands of other websites. ANARCHO-PUNK.NET is dedicated to the underground scene, nothing else.
    This also includes any bands from big labels, please NEVER post bands from labels like Punkcore Records, Hellcat Records, etc..

    - We do not endorse nationalism, patriotism, and national values. Such bands are disallowed here.

    - This is primarily an ANARCHO-PUNK forum, not a Punk Rock forum. We do not care about bands like Sex Pistols and The Ramones even if you can make a long speech about how they were influencial on the broader punk scene. Once again, there is other places for this kind of music, and this website is different from these places.

    Please also refrain from adding bands released through Profane Existence or Alternative Tentacles unless they have gone out of print or you obtain direct permission from the bands themselves and are able to provide proof of said permission.