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Dog Ugly - 2000 - Demo 4 (Ex-Hiatus, Fleas And Lice)

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Dog Ugly - 2000 - Demo 4 (Ex-Hiatus, Fleas And Lice)
    • Dog Ugly - Demo 4.2000 - 01 - Dog Ugly Intro.mp3
    • Dog Ugly - Demo 4.2000 - 02 - Refuse To Change.mp3
    • Dog Ugly - Demo 4.2000 - 03 - Divided And Disorganised.mp3
    • Dog Ugly - Demo 4.2000 - 04 - Fucked In The Head.mp3
    • Dog Ugly - Demo 4.2000 - 05 - Judas To The Scene.mp3
    • Dog Ugly - Demo 4.2000 - 06 - Better Off Dead.mp3
    • Dog Ugly - Demo 4.2000 - 07 - Time To Stop.mp3
    • Dog Ugly - Demo 4.2000 - 08 - Champion Of Lost Causes.mp3
    • Dog Ugly - Demo 4.2000 - 09 - Sue I Don't Need You.mp3
    • Dog Ugly - Demo 4.2000 - 10 - War In Hell.mp3


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    Squeeze Box - The Complete Works Of "Weird Al" Yankovic
    Release Date : 2017

    Includes: 122 page book Accordion shaped box

    Dog Ugly Biography

    Born: October 23, 1959, Downey, California
    Weird Al's band includes:
    Weird Al Yankovic - Vocals, Accordion
    [a=Jim West (2)] - Guitar, Mandolin
    [a=Steve Jay] - Bass, Banjo
    [a=Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz] - Drums
    [a=Ruben Valtierra] - (Touring) Piano, Keyboard

    Band members: Cepo (2), Tegla (2)
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Legacy

    Sometimes indicated as Legacy Recordings. not to be confused with l89637.
    Sony Music set up Legacy recordings in 1990 to restore and release the 100+-year-old catalogue housed in the Sony archive. The labels covered by Legacy's brief include the frontline Columbia and Epic imprints, plus the historic American Record Corporation (ARC), Okeh, Brunswick, Ode Records (2) and Vocalion (2) labels.
    Label Code: LC 2361 / LC 02361 (from 1999)

    For unofficial releases, see l597380.


    The multiple Grammy-winning Legacy Recordings, Sony Music Entertainment’s catalog division, produces and maintains the world’s foremost catalog of historic reissues, an unparalleled compendium of thousands of digitally remastered archival titles representing virtually every musical genre including popular, rock, jazz, blues, R&B, folk, country, gospel, Broadway musicals, movie soundtracks, ethnic, world music, classical, comedy and more.

    Founded in 1990 by CBS Records (rebranded Sony Music in 1991), Legacy’s original mission was to preserve and reissue recordings from the extensive catalogs of Columbia Records (including ARC, Brunswick, OKeh and Vocalion), Epic Records (including Philadelphia International Records) and associated CBS labels. Following the creation of Sony BMG Music Entertainment in 2005, Legacy assumed responsibility for the preservation and ongoing availability of recordings from the archives of the BMG family of labels including RCA Records, Arista, J Records, Jive, Profile, Silvertone, Sony BMG Nashville and Windham Hill, as well as imprints including American, Bang!, CTI, Mainstream, Monument, Ode, and others.