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Distrüst/Disbrigade/Disgarche/HH - 4 Way Split - 2020 (El Salvador/Ecuador/Argentina/Colombia)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by pogo pope, May 11, 2021.

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    Mar 17, 2021
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    4 Way Split (Distrust - Disbrigade - Disgarche - HH), by 4 Way Split


    Track List :

    01 We Arise
    02 Corrupted

    03 Todos Somos Lo Mismo
    04 Negocio Artificial
    05 Peones

    06 Fantasmas De Chernobyl
    07 Grilletes En Las Manos
    08 Color Desesperanza
    09 Recuerdos Del Neuropsiquiatrico

    10 Hijueputa Humano
    11 Progreso
    12 Mentira
    13 Trampa

    Released in june of last year, this album is split between four bands and four countries : Distrüst (San Salvador, El Salvador), Disbrigade (Quito, Ecuador), Disgarche (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and HH (Pereira, Colombia). I'm not going to describe each band individually, but the four of them play d-beat/crust. Some lean more to the crusty side, some to the dis side, I'll let you figure it out.
    This 4-way split was released by Disordera Records, a DIY label/distro based in Colombia that specializes in the rawest hardcore punk South and Central America have to offer.

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