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Dissystema - 3 Years In Hell 2000-2005

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Dissystema - 3 Years In Hell 2000-2005
    • 01-Dissystema-Limbless.mp3
    • 02-Dissystema-Beggar At The Gates.mp3
    • 03-Dissystema-A Dimes Wotrh Of Difference.mp3
    • 04-Dissystema-Vx.mp3
    • 05-Dissystema-Living In A Post 911 World.mp3
    • 06-Dissystema-Genetic Nightmare.mp3
    • 07-Dissystema-Depression And Discontent.mp3
    • 08-Dissystema-Hope.mp3
    • 09-Dissystema-Our Streets Are Paved With Their Blood.mp3
    • 10-Dissystema-Out Of Work Out Of Power.mp3
    • 11-Dissystema-The End Of All Life.mp3
    • 12-Dissystema-The Aftermath.mp3
    • 13-Dissystema-Wake The Dead.mp3
    • 14-Dissystema-Ghosts Of War Arise.mp3
    • 15-Dissystema-Death Bomb.mp3
    • 16-Dissystema-Raw As Fuck.mp3
    • 17-Dissystema-Proof.mp3
    • 18-Dissystema-Cut Off The Tongue Of The Double Speaker.mp3
    • 19-Dissystema-Not For Liberation.mp3
    • 20-Dissystema-Exporting War.mp3
    • 21-Dissystema-Dont Wanna Live.mp3
    • 22-Dissystema-Just Beyond Our Reach.mp3
    • 23-Dissystema-Theres One Minute.mp3
    • 24-Dissystema-They Fucked Us Now.mp3
    • 25-Dissystema-Patriot Consumer.mp3
    • 26-Dissystema-Bad Medicine.mp3
    • 27-Dissystema-Streets.mp3
    • 28-Dissystema-No Wars.mp3
    • 29-Dissystema-Out Of Work Out Of Power.mp3
    • 30-Dissystema-Veterans Of Brainwash.mp3
    • 31-Dissystema-You Think You Know.mp3
    • 32-Dissystema-Bc Nightmare.mp3
    • 33-Dissystema-Cries Of Pain.mp3
    • 34-Dissystema-Against This Cycle Of Death.mp3
    • 35-Dissystema-Dollars And Sense.mp3
    • 36-Dissystema-Bad Medicine.mp3
    • 37-Dissystema-Vetrans Of Brainwash.mp3
    • 38-Dissystema-No Wars.mp3
    • 39-Dissystema-You Think You Know.mp3
    • 40-Dissystema-Lifelock.mp3


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    Dissystema Biography

    D-beat/thrash/crust punk band DisSystema started in 2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a trio comprising bassist/vocalist Jay, guitarist Steve, and drummer Kevin. Drawing influences from bands like Doom, Anti-Cimex, and Discharge, they recorded a 5-song demo in 48 hours shortly after their formation. This was followed by a second demo, this time 11 tracks in length, in 2003. Around this time, Kevin quit the band and moved to Canada. He was replaced by Tom who moved from Connecticut to Philadelphia to join the band. DisSystema then released two 7" splits with the hardcore-tinged metal bands Earth Today and Holokaust. Additionally, Jay took duty as second guitarist, at which time Rob joined and filled in on bass. This newly incarnated 4-piece DisSytema released the "Grim Prospects of Our Future" LP in 2005 on Putrid Filth Conspiracy Records, followed by a 7" split with grindcore/punk band Endless Nightmare. Afterwards, the band played shows around local cities and neighboring states. Shortly thereafter, drummer Tom quit and was replaced by original member Kevin who had returned from Canada. However after only a half month period, Kevin had quit again and was replaced by new member Todd. The new DisSystema released a self-titled EP in 2007, and are currently recording a 2nd LP which will see release on Final Attempt Records sometime in 2007/2008.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.


    State of Fear



    Battle of Disarm

    Guided Cradle