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Disrupters - 1981 - Young Offender (7'' EP)

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    Young Offender
    Release Date : 1981

    Recorded at Whitehouse Studio, July 1981. Foldout poster sleeve and insert.

    Disrupters Biography

    Anarchist punk band from Norwich, UK. Formed in late 1980, the band got off to an early start with a demo of Napalm being released by Crass Records on the Bullshit Detector compilation.
    1981 saw the recording and release of the first single, Young Offender, on the band's own label, Radical Change Records. This was a surprise hit in the indie charts and far outsold all expectations. The track Young Offender also appeared on Punk & Disorderly compilation.
    By 1983 the band had a settled lineup of Steve, Kev, Paul & Steve.
    The band were believers of direct action, which led to various arrests and court cases. They were also very active in their support of other bands, with releases by [a=Destructors], Icon AD, [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Revulsion+(2)]Revulsion[/url] & Self Abuse on the band's label, as well as organising gigs.
    The band split in 1988, disallusioned with the growing divides within the scene. Kevin went on to form Saigon Kiss. Steve Hansell was vocalist in New York Scum Haters.
    In recent years there has been a DVD "Anarchy, Peace & Chips" released and also the anthology CD "Gas the Punx". There are murmers from The Disrupters camp that there may be a reform of the band.

    Band members: Kevin Wymer, Steve Hansell, Prem Nick, Steve Hough (2), Paul Greener, Steve Skingsley, Steve Contempt
    Band ex-members: , Tim Perkins (2), Andrew Gibson (2)

    The Disrupters were formed in late 1980 in Norwich, UK.

    Originally influenced by the early punk bands of the late 70s (Sex Pistols,
    Ramones, The Clash etc) the band were becoming increasingly drawn to the
    anarchist scene.

    Things started early for The Disrupters with Crass including an early demo
    version of the song "Napalm" on their 1st "Bullshit Detector" lp.

    In 1981 the band entered Whitehouse Studios in Norwich to record their 1st
    real recording session. The 3 tracks laid down that day became the "Young
    Offender" 7". The record was a surprise hit in the indie charts and far
    outsold the bands expectations. This initial release began a working
    relationship with Backs Records in the running of Radical Change Records, a
    label dedicated to the promotion of punk/anarchist bands.

    Initially The Disrupters had a few hiccups finding the right combo of band
    members but from 1983-88 they settled with founder members Bangkok Steve
    (aka Steve Hansell) (Vocals) and Kevin Wymer (Drums) along with Paul Greener (Guitar).
    Steve Hough (Bass) and Prem Nick (spoken word tracks).

    The band liked to mix actions with words and were actively involved in
    various elements of direct action, sometimes ending in arrest and court

    The Disrupters called it a day in late 1988, dissalusioned with the ever
    growing divide and bitching within the scene, Steve (Vocals) quit to
    concentrate on other things and the rest of the band followed suit.:

    Original Line Up:
    Steve - Vocals
    Dave - Bass
    Kev - Drums
    Gibbon - Guitar

    The band reformed in 2007 after Steve Ignorant requested they play his Feeding of the 5000 gig.

    2007 onwards Line Up
    Steve Hansell
    Kevin Saigon (aka Kev Wymer) left in 2008 to concentrate on his band Saigon Kiss
    Mash also a member of Saigon Kiss
    Steve Hardy also a member of Saigon Kiss
    Rob Hedge

    Bullshit Detector V/A LP
    Crass Records 1980

    Young Offender EP
    Radical Change 1981

    Punk & Disorderly V/A LP
    Abstract Records 1981

    Shelters For The Rich EP
    Radical Change 1982

    Bomb Heaven EP
    Radical Change 1983

    Unrehearsed Wrongs LP
    Radical Change 1983

    Playing With Fire LP
    Radical Change 1984

    Alive In The Electric Chair 12"
    Radical Change 1985

    Words Worth Shouting V/A LP
    Radical Change 1985

    Anarchy Peace And Chips VIDEO

    Anti-State V/A CD
    Overground Records 2005

    Gas the Punx discography CD
    Overground Records 2005

    Anti-State V/A CD
    Overground Records 2005

    Active Response V/A benefit for SPEAK CD

    Chaos on the Eastern Front V/A bootleg comp of Norwich punk CD

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Radical Change Records

    Based in Norwich, UK
    active from 1981-1988
    Punk label run by the band Disrupters with help from Backs Records.




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