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Disease - MobAttack - The Slaughter House Split Ep - 2013 (Macedonia/Usa)

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    Track List:

    01. Armed With Fear
    02. Black Sky
    03. Where Life Ends...
    04. Fate To Grave
    05. Fear Of Nuclear Threat

    06. Burned
    07. No More Business
    08. Battlefields
    09. Dying Of Disease
    10. Depopulation

    Disease Biography

    There are at least 4 bands/artists that have recorded under the name of 'Disease'.

    1. A Latvian metal band formed in 1996 by Pavel Stepanov.
    2. An Italian underground metal band.
    3. A Canadian artist from Toronto, Shayan Mannan, who makes electronica and hip-hop.
    4. A Macedonian D-beat Raw Punk band

    1) The "Disease" band was formed in 1996. The original idea belonged to Piton (Pavel Stepanov), but he decided to invite two more people, who would play bass and drums. The way of playing that was chosen at that time was punk-rock. Playing punk-rock was a temporally chosen style, because musicians had permanently been growing up in technique and manner of playing and were eager to impress thereselves in more serious music. Therefore the band’s further tendency was doom metal, sympho-black metal. Since those times the stuff of band was changed for several times, but the founder – Pavel Stepanov – continued to realize his decision – to create the music.

    The real “coming-to be” for the newly conceived band became 2001, when the stuff stabilized and “Disease” took part in the first remarkable festival in Daugavpils, Latvia (band’s native town) - “Chemical reaction”, in which the first place was gained, what, in it’s order, gave the great possibility to pretend in participation in another noticeable show – “Liepājas Dzintars Festival”. But the summer of 2001 wasn’t absolutely successful – the band found itself out of leaders.

    In 2002 inspite of unlucky last time “Disease” participated in the “Liepajas dzintars” festival and gaind the prize “The best drummer’2002”. After this event the band was invited to take part in the other festival – “Bildes” (www.bildes.lv), that assembles the pop and rock musicians from the whole of Latvia. “Disease” presented itself in the duet with Ieva Akurātere, one of the famous singers of the Latvian music scene.

    In 2003 “Disease” was invited to perform its creation within the festival “Sinepes un Medus” (www.sinepes.times.lv), and the result of performance was the first place.

    In 2004 the band was invited as the guests to take part in this festival. For the time of the band existence there were released 3 albums and 2 demos.

    In 2006 summer Disease was invited to perform on huge metal and rock festival "Union of Rock" in Wegorzewo, Poland. The latest album "I Stay Here" (2006) was highly estimated by russian metal magazine "Dark City" with a mark 8/10, and it was reviewed by Slovakian metal webzine "Speed of Light" (http://metal.w3.sk/) with a mark 7.5/10. This summer Disease performed on the biggest latvian metal and rock open-air festivals, like "Sutas Balss", "MetalShow Open-Air" (just after Tiamat and Ravencult), "High Times", and performed on many metal-shows in Rīga and Daugavpils.

    2) Disease is also an Italian underground metal band, playing extreme progressive metal with various influences, such as Opeth, Pain Of Salvation, Death, Nevermore and many more.

    3) Shayan a.k.a "Disease" resides in Toronto, primarily creating techno, trance/dance, and hip-hop music. He has released one album to date, "No Cure" EP, led by the single "One More Chance." Disease is currently working on his next electronic album and a hip-hop album.

    4)Disease is also an Macedonian D-beat raw punk band from Skopje City.Maybe the first D-Beat raw punk band from Macedonia.Started in 2012 they have released few Eps and and Split releases with few other bands.In second half of 2013 till the February 2014 the band wos on hold due the vocal and guitarist Alex serving prison time.On 14 July 2014 split ep ''Atrocities of war'' with Warcorpse(Greece) wos released.Currently working on split releases with Dispose and Prions.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.