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Disaster - War Cry (2006)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Starfighter, Oct 17, 2022.

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    MP3 | 320 kbps | 90,3 MB | Total running time: 39:43
    Initially released in 1991 but this is the CD with extras that came out in 2006

    01 I.C.I..mp3
    02 Progress.mp3
    03 Victim Of .........mp3
    04 Glorious.mp3
    05 Devastation.mp3
    06 Inferno.mp3
    07 Crematorium.mp3
    08 Salvation.mp3
    09 Farce.mp3
    10 Diseased.mp3
    11 Death Race.mp3
    12 Mania For Conquest.mp3
    13 Fight Back.mp3
    14 B.N.P (Live).mp3
    15 Diseased (Live).mp3
    16 I.C.I. (Live).mp3
    17 Glorious (Live).mp3
    18 Devastation (Live).mp3
    19 Air Raid (Live).mp3
    20 Fight Back (Live).mp3
    21 Never Again (Live).mp3
    22 Death Race (Live).mp3


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    War Cry
    Release Date : 2012

    Recorded at Fulton Street Studios Bradford 29.7.90 to 4.8.90Track C1 from V/A A Nightmare On Albion Street LP Track C2 from V/A Discharged LP/CD Track C3 unreleased from the War Cry sessionComes with 12 page 12"x12" booklet containing pictures, flyers, interviews, etc. "MLP" appears on spine and labels.

    Disaster Biography

    History writer by Russ (the singer)

    It was 1989 and a bunch of lads from Halifax, West Yorkshire formed a band. The influence was Discharge as well as the bands coming out of Sweden like Discard, Anti-Cimex, Totalitär etc. In the UK, Doom were doing something similar, but where Doom were basing their sound on the Scandinavian Discharge copies, we were gonna sound just like Discharge.

    Our first practice session was arranged and Browny came along with the first incarnation of the song "Devastation"—it certainly sounded like Discharge. Week after week he would arrive wth more classic riffs, and the rest of us would go home and check our records to make sure they were not Discharge songs. Soon we had enough songs to play a short set and we played our first gig at a squat in Leeds. Rumours had got out about us and the venue was full we could barely move. A demo was released and tracks from it were used on a couple of compilation tapes—Mother Earth Is Screaming and Die Freiheit Volume 3.

    Tony and a friend living in Leeds had decided to set up a record label (Tone Deaf) and expressed and interest in putting out a Disaster release. We didn't have enough songs to release a full LP, so we decided to do a mini-LP like Discharge's Why?. War Cry was recorded in July 1990 and the sleeve design followed the Why? format. Initial feedback from War Cry was good; reviews in Raising Hell and the US zine Maximum Rocknroll helped spread the word. The record also benefited from air play on Radio 1's John Peel show.

    We began gigging more, mostly at Bradford's 1-in-12 club and Liverpool's Planet X. Our friends Hellkrusher from the Northeast and Trashed from Leeds were often on the same bill. We also got a chance to support some of our heroes, including Chaos UK, Corrosion of Conformaity, and Kulturo (ex Antisect). We entered the studio for what would be the last time to record "Death Race" for the 1-in-12 compilation LP A Nightmare on Albion Street. We also used "Mania for Conquest" which we had recorded during the War Cry sessions for a Discharge tribute CD put out by Dean of Extreme Noise Terror, which featured Concrete Sox and Raw Noise. No more studio tracks were ever recorded, however the War Cry CD reissue includes the songs "BNP" and "Air Raid" recorded live at the Irish Centre in Newcastle. These are among the last songs we wrote

    Band members: Neil Hollingdrake, Paul Brown (25), Martin Driver, Russell Dawson (2)

    There are more than one bands named Disaster:

    1) Disaster is a d-beat band from UK well known for their 12'' War Cry released in 1991 on Tone Deaf Records.

    2) Disaster is a three-piece anarchist hardcore band from Bloomington, Indiana.
    Geoff (also in Defiance, Ohio) plays guitar and sings. Kevey plays drums. Rawny plays bass.
    You can download their demo from http://disaster.terrorware.com/audio/demo

    3) Disaster is a punk rock from Ostrava. They've played since 2002 and they haven't any album. Now they're making their first album called Motivate Your Bladders.

    4) Disaster is a dark hardcore/melodic death metal band from Šibenik, Croatia.

    5) Disaster is a destructive, fast, pissed, hardcore band from edison, new jersey.

    6) Disaster is a Death Metal band from France: http://www.myspace.com/disaster78

    7) Disaster is a Death/Trash Metal band from Slovakia: http://www.disaster.tym.sk http://www.bandzone.cz/disaster , http://www.zvmusic.xf.cz

    8) Disaster is a sk8 punk band from Montevideo, Uruguay

    9) Disaster is a Thrash Metal band from Chile (Melipilla), formed in 2001.

    Current line-up:

    Omar Valderrama - Lead Guitar
    Pedro Cavieres - Rhythm Guitar
    Hernaldo Tapia - Bass (Hellraider)
    Carlos Chamorro - Drums


    10) Disaster is a thrash-metalcore band from Prague, Czech Republic: http://bandzone.cz/disastercz

    11) Disaster is a "Hip Hop Splatter" band from Melbourne, Australia http://www.facebook.com/Disasterkids

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - La Vida Es Un Mus

    Punk Hardcore label from Hackney, London, UK, run by url=https://www.discogs.com/artist/3631701-Francisco-Aranda-2Francisco Aranda/url.





    Atomic Aggressor

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