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DEATHREAT - Consider It War - 2001 (USA)

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    Hardcore band featuring members of His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy, Severed Head of State, From Ashes Rise, Warcry, Criminal Damage and more


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    1 Since Day One
    2 Only Demands
    3 Bow to None
    4 One and the Same
    5 Getting Darker
    6 No More
    7 Consider It War
    8 Controlled
    9 Beyond Belief
    10 Behind Bars
    11 Our Revenge
    12 My Life My Choice


    Consider It War
    Release Date : 2001

    Recorded at Our House, Tokyo, Japan in two days in March 2001.Issued with a printed innersleeve (lyrics & information).Lacquer cut facility and engineer from matrix.

    DEATHREAT Biography

    Hardcore band from Memphis, Tennessee, US.

    Band members: Paul Burdette, Todd Burdette, Stan Wright, Billy Davis (3), Brad Boatright
    Band ex-members: , Backside Bob

    Deathreat were formed in Memphis in 1996 as an attempt by members of His Hero Is Gone and friends to do a more back to basics, straight ahead hardcore sound. This Sound was more related to Classic 1980's US Hardcore as the path set by Memphis' Legendary early 90's hardcore band Copout than the down tuned, experimental metallic sound of His Hero Is Gone. His Hero Is Gone's Guitarrist /Vocalist and Deathreat's Drummer " Todd Threat" Todd Burdette played guitar in the final line up of Copout, and Deathreat Vocalist "Bill D. Ramp" Billy Davis also played bass in Copout briefly. His Hero is Gone drummer / Deathreat Guitarrist "Paul Ages show" Paul Burdette and Billy Davis had previously played in Face Down, who released a split 7" EP with Copout. "Stan Your Ground"Stan Wright and "Backside Bob" filled out the band's line up, who recorded a 12-song demo tape in 1997. Five of these tracks were re-recorded in June of 1997 for a debut 8 song EP- most commonly known by the title of the first track " Runs Dry" - on San Francisco's Prank Records ( Prank 015). In 1998 the band recorded at Columbia, South Carolina's Jay Room Studios for a follow up split 7" EP with Oakland's Talk Is Poison, who featured William Harris, Copout's vocalist on Guitar and vocals. They recorded an additional eight tracks for the debut release of a then-collaborative label between Billy Davis, Todd Burdette and Stan Wright called "Partners In Crime", a name also used on their self-released demo tape.
    In 1999 Brad Boatwright from From Ashes Rise replaced Backside Bob on Bass and after several small and U.S. tours the band Returned to the Jam Room to Record their First album "The Severing of The Last Barred Window" that was released initially as a gatefold LP on Partners in Crime Records. Additional Recording at the Jam Room of five tracks in May or 1999 appeared as a collaborative split single between Deathreat and Japanese band D.S.B. on Tokyo's Mangrove records and the complete session appeared on Lengua Armada Discos first various artists "Histeria" compilation LP. In 2001, the band toured Japan and recorded it's Final Release and Second LP "Consider It War" at the legendary Our House Studios in Tokyo. The band went dormant sometime around 2003 as band members relocated around the country. They Played a reunion show in Austin, Texas in 2005 at the second "Chaos In Tejas" festival, going dormant afterwards again in 2005.
    Billy Davis, Paul Burdette and Todd Burdette Have concurrently and since played in Tragedy. Todd Burdette and Paul Burdette also played in Call The Police. Todd Burdette and Brad Boatwright Played in Warcry. Brad Boatwright was in From Ashes Rise, briefly in World Burns To Death and Lebanon. Stan Wright formed a similar hardcore band called Balance Of Terror that released EP's on Partners in Crime and also formed the completely different Signal Lost.

    Consider it war lp, and a split with D.S.B. also another full length called The Severing of the last barred window.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Partners In Crime

    Hardcore & punk label from Portland / USA.


    Severed Head of State

    Talk Is Poison

    World Burns to Death

    Look Back and Laugh

    The Holy Mountain