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Dead Silence - Hell, How Could We Make Any More Money Than This EP (USA) (1994)

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    01 - Chain Of Thought.mp3
    02 - Rock The Vote.mp3
    03 - Work.mp3
    04 - Total Chaos.mp3


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    Hell, How Could We Make Any More Money Than This?
    Release Date : 1994

    Fold-out sleeve printed inside, with a sleeve sized 16 pages booklet insert. Sleeve is a parody of the Bad Religion [url=http://www.discogs.com/release/501472]How Could Hell Be Any Worse?[/url] LP sleeve.

    Dead Silence Biography

    Punk band from Boulder, CO, USA, formed in 1984.

    Band members: Kevin Vulture, Marshall Leggett, Eric (237), Jody Rodney, Joel Rodney
    Band ex-members: , Ted Silence, Bear (40), Steve Bovery

    There are 3 bands with the name Dead Silence:

    1. Raw Black Ambient Metal from Russia. Formed in 2003.

    Void Full-length, 2003
    Rare.Black.Evil Demo, 2006
    Grymlore Full-length, 2008

    Mastermind of the band is the Fever, performing guitars, vocals, fx, synths, lyrics, some bass. On the RARE.BLACK.EVIL and Grymlore there was also bassist Overlord and drummer Ill'dare.
    Lyrical themes are related to the ancient wars, madness, desolation, freezing nature and inner obscureness. Dead Silence sounds like traditional b.m. bands of 90-s: Darkthrone, Burzum, Immortal, though including some unusual elements for b.m.
    Void is the debut album, released in the august'2003, dedicated to the 10'th anniversary of the historical event related to black metal. Sound is mostly experimental, though sometimes a bit non-professional.
    RARE.BLACK.EVIL album is a compilation of rehearsals, unreleased studio recordings and one unreleased track.
    Grymlore is the latest available album. Good sounding record with advanced drummer behind the kit. Album includes one re-recorded track from the first album - "Burial of War".

    2. Dead Silence from Philadelphia, PA was formed in 2002.
    4-song demo (2002)

    3. Dead Silence from Boulder, CO, USA. Anarchist peacepunk
    STRESS 12" (Unclean, 1985)
    BEGINNING OF THE END LP (Timekiller, 1986)
    FOR YOUR EGO'S SAKE 7" (Hippycore, 1988)
    HOPE 7" (Timekiller, 1989)
    FREEDOM 7" (Vinyl Communications)
    DEAD SILENCE/TIT WRENCH split 7" (Vinyl Communications, 1994)
    A BENEFIT 7" (Spiral, 1994)
    HELL, HOW COULD WE MAKE ANY MORE MONEY THAN THIS? 7" (Profane Existence, 1995)

    The photo above is from THIS Dead Silence, and appears on their first release, Stress (1985). The band saw many lineups along the way, as bands that stay together for over ten years will, but there were several key members that helped define the music this band created. Ted Silence remained the drummer for most of the band's life, although Marshall L. (Eco Guerrillas) also played and recorded with the band at the end of its life. Steve R. (guitar, shown in photo on right) was the main guitarist for many years, bringing his unique feedback-y sound to the first few releases, while Joel S. gave the band a cleaner, and more consistent guitar sound for the last several years of the band. Loren, Adam, Steve Bear, Jay K., Dennis M. (Expatriate), Jodi S., and even a couple of others added their talents and sounds along the way. In all, the band was never fully about the sound, although they enjoyed the music they created. They were also about the message, and the people they met all across the country and continent, along the way. They were good, maybe not great, but definitely a band to see live!

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Profane Existence

    DIY punk rock collective formed in 1989 and based in the United States by a1603628 and a number of others. They run Profane Existence Records which releases anarcho-punk style releases from bands throughout the world. They also release "Profane Existence" magazine as well as operating Profane Existence Distribution.

    In 1996 Profane Existence teamed up with Skuld Releases (Germany) for a number of co-releases, always using both label names for prefix (EXIST/SKULD, SKULD/EXIST, SKULD-EXIST or similar).

    The collective folded in 1998, although its distribution arm, then called Blackened Distribution, continued operating. They also put out a few releases under the label Aftermath to help pay off their debts. Profane Existence restarted in 2000.

    In 2011, a1603628 stepped away from the collective. PROFANE EXISTENCE in now based out of West Virginia and primarily run by Chris Luton of a953979.

    May also appear as:
    - Profane Existence Records
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