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Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Anxiety69, Oct 27, 2009.

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    Oct 18, 2009
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    Dead America were a local crust band when i was growing up in costa mesa. I went to HS with their drummer and used ti hang out with the singer's brother. Anyways, this I believe was their first demo. It is more punky then what they would later sound like. Nevertheless, it is great stuff. I will be uploading another one of their demos that is more crusty.

    01 War I$ Money
    03 200 Year Plan
    04 Be Like Me
    05 Only to their Faces
    06 Look At The Clowns
    07 This Is Me
    08 864-15


    Demo 93
    Release Date : 1993

    Recorded at Jim Barnes Studios / June 19, 1993Band Info. write to: 335 16th Place Costa Mesa CA. 92627 Address to Dead Amer.

    DEAD AMERICA Biography

    Hardcore band from Costa Mesa, CA.

    DEAD AMERICA are a totally forgotten/overlooked anarcho-crust-grind-something band from early to mid-90's Costa Mesa, California.
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Not On Label (Dead America Self-released)

    bPlease note, many Virgin issues also carry an EMI logo. This is not a label and EMI should not be added as a label, it instead indicates that Virgin was part of the EMI Group./b

    Multinational label.
    Label Code: LC 3098 / LC 03098
    Started by a4812584 in the early 1970s as an independent label based in London, UK. The record company l26760 and subsidiaries which used the Virgin brand was sold to l118508 Plc in 1991, the various Virgin trademarks however remained the property of l326037, since 2012 the imprint has been licensed from l326037 and is used by various companies that form part of the l38404.

    The Virgin disc label designs/logos:

    Roger Dean (4) was the designer of the original famous Virgin label with snakes and dragons.

    For LP's following designs were used:
    1973-1974 white Roger Dean label
    1974-1976 coloured Roger Dean label
    1975 fawn & mauve Roger Dean label (V2037 to V2044 and some older title reissues)
    1975-1976 Red twin label with Outer White Ring
    1975-1976 Green twin label with Outer White Ring
    1976-1978 Green twin label (without outer white ring)
    1976-1977 Red twin label (without outer white ring)
    1977-1978 blue label with double Virgin writing logo (V2086 to ??)
    1978-1987 green/red alternative label (Side 1 / Side 2)
    1987-xxxx grey-white label

    Probably the fawn & mauve Dean label should replace the coloured Dean label in summer 1975, but has been used only a very short time. The fawn & mauve Dean label hasn't been used outside UK.
    Red and Green labels with white outer ring replaced the fawn & mauve Dean label. These can be found on several Virgin albums outside UK, It has been used in UK a very short time only.

    The green twin label (without outer white ring) is easy to find. It has been used originally in 1976 but it is also available on reissues of older releases. In UK it has been used till 1978, but in other countries (Japan, Spain) there are records up to 1982 with this label. During this period a few titles were pressed with Red twin label (without outer white ring).

    The blue label with double Virgin writing logo is well-known on single releases but it has also been used on a few albums.
    The area of the green/red label ended in 1987 (UK), but in different countries it has been used longer (Spain 1990, Germany 1988).

    The grey-white label is still in use since 1987 (UK). The grey-white label has been published some months later in foreign countries (1988).

    For 7" releases following designs were used:
    1974-1975 black-white Dean label / white Dean label
    1976 blue twin label
    1976-1978 blue label with double Virgin writing logo
    1978-1987 green/red alternative label
    1987-xxx silver label

    In some countries the white or the black-white Dean label was longer in use (Germany, 1977). Spain was the only country that used the coloured Dean label on singles (instead of the white or black-white Dean label).

    The blue twin label (which has never been used for albums) was issued in UK only.

    The blue label with double Virgin writing logo was used from 1976 until 1979 in the UK. In some countries it was longer in use (Spain, 1979).

    On 12" only following designs exist:
    1978 - 1987 green/red alternative label
    1988 - xxxx grey-white label

    CD label designs:
    Old CD's normally had a blue label (a kind of light blue layer on the silver disc) because the producers had problems with the printing on the blank silver surface.
    Some of the middle-old editions have silver labels with red printing. Newer editions have black printings.
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    May 29, 2013
    thanks for posting this anxiety69 I havent heard this in forever. Theres one more demo that your missing that was made about 94 or 95 between 93 demo and matricide. It doesnt have a title...it was never copied or released other than for band members and a few friends and I think its the best of all three demos...if you could get it id love to hear it...try contacting john or christian cuz id love to hear that again...its been so long I cant even remember all the songs but they were alot more diverse than the other demo songs i remember that...and dino from dystopia sings on two of the songs so there ya go. It has a punkier vibe with almost death metal parts in some songs and grind of course. Thanks again. if you do post it for download ill donate 100 bucks to you.