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D.I. - Ancient Artifacts - 1985 (U$A)

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by KAAOS-82, Dec 29, 2010.

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    Jul 13, 2010
    Second Album from Californian punks D.I.
    Features re-recorded songs from Rikk Agnew's legendary 'All By Myself' Album



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    1. OC Life
    2. Purgatory 2
    3. Stand Up
    4. Erinzigo
    5. I hate surfing in HB
    6. Falling Out
    7. Hang ten in east Berlin
    8. Wounds from Within
    9. Spiritual Law
    10. Imminent War
    11. Pervert Nurse (live)
    12. Stick to your guns (live)
    13. Reagan der Fuhrer (live)
    14. Little Land (live)
    15. Kids of the Black Hole (live)


    Ancient Artifacts
    Release Date : 1989

    Recorded and produced at Perspective Sound in Sun Valley, California on Thanksgiving Day 1984. Mastered at Capitol.℗ 1985 © 1985 Reject Records

    D.I. Biography

    The Orange County punk project D.I. formed in 1982 by vocalist Casey Royer while his former band Adolescents was temporarily on hiatus. The group saw some success reach its peak in the mid and late 1980's, and their second album, "Horse Bites, Dog Cries" is now considered a hardcore punk classic. Despite going on hiatus between albums, the band has continued to be active.

    Band members: Casey Royer, Joe Tatar, Clinton Calton, Eddie Tatar, Sean Elliot
    Band ex-members: , Alfie Agnew, Rikk Agnew, Derek O'Brien, Steve Roberts (4), Frederic Taccone, John Knight (2), Hedge, Mark Cerneka, John "Bosco" Calabro, Tim Maag, Steve Garcia (2), Dan Colburn, Lisa Pifer, CHCKN, Steve Lyen

    Coming out of the streets of Fullerton California, DI was formed in the shadows of The Adolescents back in 1983 in a studio behind a pawn shop. The Adolescents, Social Distortion, Agent Orange and several other local early punk rock pioneers were the breeding ground from which DI was born. DI branded their own form of punk rock that complemented the Orange County Punk scene in sound and attitude. DI was thrown to the forefront after the band performed "Richard Hung Himself" with the original line up that recorded the bands first EP in the 1984 movie, "Suburbia", directed by Penelope Spheeris who's previous production was "Decline of Western Civilization." When the band went through a line up change after the first EP titled Team Goon, members of emerging Fullerton band Almost 21 became the backbone for the sound that DI is known for today. During that line up change, front man Casey Royer known for his cutting and outrageous social commentary through humor is joined by Rikk Agnew of The Adolescents on guitar. Rikk brought to DI a handful of songs written in previous years, such as "Falling Out" and "OC Life" which were featured on Rikk Agnew's solo album, "All By Myself" and were made wildly popular though Casey Royer's style and personality. Over the many years that DI has been on the scene, the band has went though a lot of line up changes that has made DI a very incestuous family of players. Most of the former and present members were all part of the Fullerton and north Orange County Punk scene which proved to be the key ingredient to keeping the personality that makes DI what it is. DI has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe, and everywhere they performed DI left the audience not wanting the show to be over. The current line, which many have stated could very well be the hardest hitting and most cohesive line up ever, made up of Casey Royer on vocals, brothers Eddie and Joey Tatar as the rhythm unit of bass and drums, Chickenhead on rhythm guitar and brought together by lead guitarist Clinton Calton.
    DI is proud to bring you the band’s 8th release, “On The Western Front”.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Triple X Records

    American label founded in late 1985 by Dean Naleway, Peter Heur, and a4175607.



    Agent Orange


    Gang Green

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    Re: D.I. - Ancient Artifacts - 1985 (America)

    Not anarcho, definitely punk and oh so boring, but not knocking you for liking it.....
  3. JesusCrust

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    Apr 17, 2010
    Re: D.I. - Ancient Artifacts - 1985 (America)

    Stopped liking DI ever since they kicked chkn out for being too weak from his chemotherapy, and signed onto the same label as the kottonmouth kings. They are trying to sell out. Chkns a cool guy, and I payed 25 bucks for a ticket to the cancer benefit show for him, and I think it's lame they kicked him out, right as his wife was divorcing him too.
  4. KAAOS-82

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    Jul 13, 2010
    Re: D.I. - Ancient Artifacts - 1985 (America)

    Apparently they all appeared in a porno rip off of suburbia. The band lost its edge when Rikk Agnew departed
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    Oct 18, 2009
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    Long Beach CA United States
    Re: D.I. - Ancient Artifacts - 1985 (America)

    one of the only di songs i like is I Hate Surfin in Hb... mainly because i was born in the rotten city of Huntington Beach... and i used to surf there alos, and it sucked for the reasons in the song...